I’m Proud of My 2008 POTUS Vote!


Did you catch John McCain’s Townhall this afternoon?  Aside from the fact that it was loaded with criminals and hoodlums (i. e. GOP Senior Citizens), he reminded me why I voted for him!

We Wuz Robbed!
We Wuz Robbed!

It also left me in tears.

We could have had an honorable, decent, heroic patriot for President.  Instead we are stuck with an impotent whore who doesn’t give a damn about this nation.

I am so tired of hearing conservatives slam this man.  The only reason he did not win was because of the dishonest campaign Barack Obama ran, the most corrupt in history.  McCain did not run an incompetent campaign, he was defeated by abject corruption and a MSM working hand in glove with him.

Let’s also be honest in the fact that it is entirely possible the economic “collapase” was engineered by Barack Obama’s supporters, including George Soros, not only to set up McCain and ruin his campaign, but to destroy the legacy of George W. Bush.

So, I am sitting here, listening to his townhall.  He is saying everything right.  He is the John McCain I was proud to support.  Just think, we could have had a great President, and an incredible VP, but we’re stuck with The One (Incompetent).

God Bless John McCain and may God help us all!

I don’t know about you, but I’m proud that I voted for John McCain and was  a fairly early supporter.


One thought on “I’m Proud of My 2008 POTUS Vote!

  1. The american people decided the election not a group or element, the people wanted the government to change the people know the constititution is out dated no one kept the parties agenda from the people count how many times they discussed openly that the old american government had failed time for new policies changing laws what ever was needed but it would be fixed and it would be dificult. Quit living in the past get on with you life except the things you can not change and take care of those you love, the new form of government the people wanted will do the rest. you other comments say i am less than educated and your right to a degree but i keep hearing all these laws we dont have to follow because we are democrats almost every week to be modist, hear about laws and rules having to be changed quickly to make our plans work, seeking out new court leaders who will be loyal and understand the plan, yet nothing stops us so it has to be ok. if it really was wrong and we had to be accountable surley things wouldnt be so bad so we must be doing what is right and all the stories are wrong. what is done is done now we all move on.

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