There Is No GOP Leadership Defecit … But ….


Today John McCain proved there is no GOP leadership deficit.  His townhall in Sun City, AZ was a thing of beauty, masterful.

“...You know, I wish people would listen during the campaign. When he said, We need to redistribute the wealth, he wasn’t kidding. He is not kidding. He really does believe the government can only provide health care, and if the government doesn’t — is not involved in the health care business, the private sector won’t be honest. He believes that….”  Lindsey Graham

If you do nothing but spend your days listening to people like Glenn Beck, Laura Ingraham, Rush Limbaugh, and any number of other conservative talking radio heads, you are probably running around screaming that The End Is Near, The Sky Is Falling, We’re Doomed, and the GOP has no leader.

The Pink Flamingo has been writing about leadership, and who will rise to the top.  It looks like we’re starting to see who that person is,  Two of those leaders include a “quitter” from Alaska, and a rather crotchety old fighter pilot from Arizona – who woulda’ guessed it.

(Makes me proud of my 2008 vote, that’s for sure).

Michael Steele is leading.

Chris Cannon is leading.

Tim Pawlenty is leading.

James Inhofe is leading.

Jim DeMint is leading.

Peter King is leading.

Eric Cantor is leading.

John Boehner is leading.

Lindsey is leading.

Newt is leading.

Huck is leading.

(Mitt Romney is pontificating and spraying his hair.)

The reason you don’t think any Republicans are leading is quite simple.  They are getting no national press.  They have gone to Harry Reid with demands.  The door is slammed in their face.

When they go to the national press, they are ignored.

When they go to Nancy Pelosi, they are ignored.

In order to promote their agenda, Republicans must rely on local press.

There is no deficit in GOP leadership, only a deficit in honorable media coverage.

Someone has lit a fire-cracker under liberal-leaning Chuck Grassley.  That’s good.  But – someone in the GOP needs to figure out that we need to come up with our own health plan.

We’re damned with an MSM that slobbers their devotion to Obama.  Now it looks like like Bill O’Reilly was also devoted to The One (Incompetent).  It makes a lot of sense, he rarely gives the GOP a break.  Now we know why.

The GOP is alive with most excellent leaders.  The problem is they’re not perfect in the eyes of the Non-Republican Conservative Independent Third Party Media. (but that’s another story)

“...I think the big difference between me and the president is he believes that Washington can generate job creation by spending money. I believe the way you create jobs is you empower people to hire folks in the private sector. And this stimulus package is the root of all evil here. The $787 billion that we talked about on your show that no one read has come back to haunt this country. It’s put us in a deep hole. It hasn’t created jobs and it never will because it’s mostly about government, not job creation. That started it. Throw health care on top, a cap and tax (SIC) system that would cost the average American $800 a year in additional in additional energy costs and bankrupt manufacturing — what he is doing is breathtaking, quite frankly….But let me tell you, Greta, people at home are tightening their belts. We’re not. We’re exploding the deficit. It’s going to affect people at home and it’s going to prevent people from creating jobs. So we need to control spending but also have programs that will create jobs. I don’t mind spending money to help jump start the economy. We’re not spending money to jump start the economy, we’re growing the government….”

Harold Meyerson at the WPost continues the hammering that the GOP is no longer a national party.  He is using some insane facts, basically slamming Southerners, to point to the fact that the GOP is nothing but a party of Palinite idiots.

“…All parties are home to distinct subcultures with distinct beliefs. What’s different about today’s GOP is that increasingly, it is home to just one, and a whole sector of the media — Fox News, talk radio — makes its money by emphasizing this subculture’s sense of separateness, grievance and alarm, and by creating its own set of “facts.” Asked in late July whether they believed Barack Obama was born in the United States, 93 percent of Democrats and 83 percent of independents said yes, but just 42 percent of Republicans agreed. Behind those numbers, 93 percent, 90 percent and 87 percent of Northeasterners, Midwesterners and Westerners, respectively, said yes, but just 47 percent of Southerners said they believed the president was born in this country. Obama, the Republican base is saying, personifies an America that is increasingly alien to them. It’s multiracial, as they are not. It puts Sonia Sotomayor, who sure doesn’t come from their America, on the Supreme Court. Increasingly, the Republicans have descended into white identity politics….”

You can’t have it both ways.  According to Newsbusters, if Obama loses Health Care Reform, is he going to sic the Fairness Doctrine on everyone?  If you read this, Republicans are a power house.  I thought we were a dying party.

“…More recently, another player in Washington, D.C. has come out voicing concerns about conservative talk radio’s position in the current media marketplace. Left-wing Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., went on MSNBC’s Aug. 14 “Rachel Maddow” show – as liberal a forum as could be – and complained that the media outlets on the right were drowning the message out.

“I’ll tell you what else we need to do,” Sanders said. “We need to understand that it is very, very hard for the president or anybody else to take on not just the Republican Party, that’s the easy part – to take on all of right-wing talk radio, which covers 90 percent of talk show hosts, a whole Fox network which is nothing more than an arm of the Republican Party and the Democrats got to think long term. Why is there not a progressive television network? Why aren’t we supporting good and effective personalities on radio as well and building up a network there so that we can that kind of political consciousness-raising that the Republicans, in fact, are doing so well right now.”…”

If Obama loses health care – Sarah Palin wins. Don’t count on anyone in the media giving her credit for the win, and don’t count on the MSM conservative pundits to give her credit. They’re terrified of her.  Many of them are also promoting Mitt Romney.


2 thoughts on “There Is No GOP Leadership Defecit … But ….

  1. The trouble with the Republican party is and has been that after Reagan they became Democrat Lites. They are not trusted. Under Bush II they allowed illegal immigration to fulfill Democratic wishes, lower American’s incomes and give companies a shot term income boost. They gave consent for big spending under Bush II. Today Republicans cannot counter socialized medicine with real, non-AMA protected medical system competition. They have forgotten what a free market is.

  2. The republicans are not financially able to lanch a campain against any democrat who is loyal to the party. We have dominated the cash flow and financial institutions none of them can work without our consent, the unions belong to the party with there sworn allinances, the media is ours, talk radio will soon be under our control as well as the internet services, so how can you think health care plan will not pass it is part of a series of things that must be done over the next 3 years, small businesses also will soon fall under our control and they will join our movement to go forward with change, so what is left that the republicans think they can do they are not organized they have no leader of the party they are quite and in checkmate, if you live in a glass house you will not attempt to attack the rulling party, even your failed john mccain doesnt have the voice he once had he is defeated and soft he knows the future is ours he is allowed to stay in existance to finish out his voice in politics but has no real voice just a puppit of the past, he will remain netural and not attack the hands that allow him existance, you are right in stating the republicans could not counter the democratic party, as they are a defeated party by the american people who have rejected there beliefs and values, ethics, the total existance of there very party which has no meaning or power left infact to avoid embarrisment some of them may run as a republican in some districts to the us in the 2010 elections and once elected joint over to the party of power, republicans and there uninteligent supporters are defeated even the people who support them or should we say supported them are imbaressed to admit it, infact they didnt vote with there party as our loyal people do, they vote for the party the more power we create for ourselves the more votes we get. i look forward to seeing your post the day after the next eletions, provided we are still able to communicate about government issues, reguardless of the new laws i will think of you the day after the results, i am sure as in all other countries of the world people will develop a way to commmunicate about the government even with communication restrictions americans always have been creative there is no reason to think they want learn how to get around government security systems inorder to communicate with other groups about there thoughts on government. my income and skills will not allow me to do such things but i will get to see the government seaches and arrest of people conspiring against the law and order of our new government on the news channels to some degree. i am sure if you chose to do so you could have a very positive impact on our party movement in the future, just need a little reeducating. maybe you can beat the old saying you cant teach an old dog new tricks.

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