Why Sarah Palin Has Hit a Nerve


Jenny Sanford, the soon to be ex-First Lady of South Carolina stood by her man for years.  She financed him.  She publicized him.  Evidently she was the brains behind the operation.  (Note to Libertarians:  The truth will set you free).  According to The Palmetto Scoop, she is planning to go out on her own.

What if the political ambitions were actually Jenny Sanford’s, but like Hillary Clinton, she put her philandering hubby first.

What if Sarah Palin is unique because, instead of promoting the Dude into going into politics, she did it herself, for herself?


2 thoughts on “Why Sarah Palin Has Hit a Nerve

  1. How is that unique? Much as you dislike her, Pelosi did not promote her husband into going into politics. Neither did Kay Bailey Hutchinson. Or, going back 25 years, how about Geraldine Ferraro. There are quite a number of women who are promoting themselves in politics. Some have supporting husbands and some are doing it on their own, but they have each succeeded in their own way.

    Palin is unique in many ways, but this is not one of them.

  2. Kay Bailey Hutchison and Nancy Pelosi are the friendly faces that represent and protect their familiesfortunes.

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