I Hate Defending Glenn Beck


There is nothing more repulsive to The Pink Flamingo than defending Glenn Beck.  The man has a right to make an ass of himself on a daily basis. He also has a Constitutional right to say what he thinks.  So do I.  So do you.  The worst of it, today, of all the conservative talking heads, I think Beck was the classiest when it came to discussing Senator Kennedy.  Rush did a decent job.  Laura Ingraham was disgusting.

But – Beck comes up with the fact that he admired Kennedy because he never wavered from what he believed.  When he took a stand he stayed there.  I admire that in a person.  I admire Beck for pointing it out – darn it!

I also like the series Beck is doing this week.  He can out-talk Rush, and that says something.

I happen to think Glenn Beck is right (you might want to save this post) about Van Jones.

If a company wants to drop their advertising from someone they have a right to do that.  But, to drop advertising because of pressure, and bowing to racial gobbldy-gook is just plain wrong.

There is something more going on here.  The Color of Change can pull the numbers necessary to cause this much mischief.  If so, there’s something wrong.  The simple demographics for the organization rather guarantee that the people who would be signing the petition against Beck are NOT viewers of his annoying show or FOX News, so why cave?

“…Adding fuel to the fire is Donny Deutsch, a TV personality and head of the ad agency Deutsch Inc., which is part of the Interpublic Group (IPG 6.54, -0.02, -0.35%) . He, too, called for a boycott of Beck’s show, saying on the air on the business-news channel CNBC that “this has to stop,” and the “only way this stops” is if sponsors pull their support….”

I don’t know about you, but there’s something more afoot than just a “racial” complaint.  Let’s face the fact that it is about The Obama Machine, trying to destroy yet another person who stands in the way of The One (incompetent) and his plans for ruling the universe.

Sarah Palin is defending him.