UPDATED 2Xs: Is the End Near for Sanford?


2nd UPDATE:  Mark Sanford is an idiot.  It is obvious he is only interested in hamming it up for the press, making Blago look innocent in the process.

UPDATED:  Mark Sanford will be holding a press conference this afternoon.

The Pink Flamingo has made no secret of her contempt for Mark Sanford, even before the rest of the conservative world realized he was not the second coming of Reagan.  For now, though, let us stop and enjoy the moment.

I had an email from Lt. Governor Andre Bauer (so did half the universe) promoting his noon press conference.  At that time he suggested that Sanford resign.  He also said he will not run for governor if Sanford were to resign.

Now that took courage.

Too bad he’s dealing with Mark Sanford who doesn’t know the meaning of the word.

According to the Garnet Spy, Bauer will then endorse Henry McMaster.


2 thoughts on “UPDATED 2Xs: Is the End Near for Sanford?

  1. Bauer got bitch slapped today while trying to grandstand. He was seedy, greedy and needy, and lord we already have enough of that.

    This will probably be remembered as the day Sanford turned it around. I hope so…Bauer is a mess.

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