Is the Swine Flu Panic Coming Early?


The Pink Flamingo is cynical of anything coming out of Washington.  We’re now eing told that the Swine Flu could infect half of the US.

Give me a break.

I’m afraid I’m not buying it.  Sure it’s an interesting flu strain, related to the Spanish Flu

“…The H1N1 strain is genetically related to the 1918 Spanish Flu strain that killed an estimated 50 million people. Variations of the Spanish Flu strain circulated widely until around 1957, when they were pushed aside by other flu strains. People whose first exposure to a flu virus was one of those Spanish Flu relatives may have greater immunity to the current pandemic, Shaw said….”

Survivors of the Spanish Flu were rarely sick afterward.  My grandfather Froehlich was never sick again a day of his life (other than a heart attack).  He had no colds, no flu, no nothing – for 94 years.  My mother and her siblings rarely get a flu bug and rarely have colds. I don’t think we grandchildren come down with colds or the flu the way other people do.  I think there is a natural immunity.

Right now I think we are being treated to Obama over-kill designed to make us fall into Democratic arms and demand health care reform.