A Year Ago


“I think it’s going to be Palin!”

Last year, just about this time of evening, The Pink Flamingo heard from Stephen Maloney.  “Sharon is tracking a plane out of Alaska that went to Sedona, and back to Alaska, and we can’t locate the Governor!”

I stayed up all night, emailing Stephen, watching the news, waiting for the announcement.  Finally, early in the morning we started hearing that it was indeed Sarah Palin.

sarah palin

We did it!

Ironically, almost a year (to the day) earlier, Stephen had contacted The Pink Flamingo about an unknown Republican governor who would make the perfect VP choice.  Would I help write about her and join the “cause”.  At that time, the “cause” consisted of Stephen Maloney and the “founder” of “the cause” Adam Brickley.

All The Pink Flamingo could find about this completely unknown givernor was 99.9% positive.  Even the Democrats loved her.  She was absolutely perfect, adored by one and all, the most popular elected official in the nation.

What a difference two years make.

If I had it to do over again, knowing how badly Sarah Palin has been abused and mis-treated,  her family subjected to horrible attacks, I don’t know if I would have fought as hard for her.

I still support Sarah Palin, and think she could be the second coming of Ronald Reagan.  I will work like a canine-American to make sure she receives the GOP nomination for POTUS in 2012.  BUT, knowing my role in helping to promote “the cause” I cannot but feel like I had a role in making the woman’s life a living hell.

Do we have a right to promote a person, knowing the living hell they are going to be subjected too by the opposition?

Is that hell just a part of the whole process or is it something new?

What the Dems have done under the financial help of George Soros and the obvious approve of Barack Obama and before him, Howard Dean, is unconscionable. They have corrupted the whole election process and degraded the whole experience.  But then, that is what they were planning all along – to corrupt and degrade.  Those they could not corrupt and degrade they set out to destroy.

They could not corrupt or degrade Sarah Palin.  Therefor they had no choice but destroy her – or try to destroy her.

They have failed.

My tears of triumph a year ago turned into tears of heart-ache as I watched Sarah Palin subjected to a vicious campaign the likes of which no one in the history of this nation have been subjected too.  She stood tall and never broke.

I have never been so proud of anyone in my entire life as I have been of Sarah Palin.

I have never been so disgusted by anyone in my entire life as I have the whole Soros-Obama machine.  I don’t know how all of this is going to play out over time.  I do know one thing.  Sarah Palin has emerged with her soul intact.  When her battle is over, she will join the Communion of Saints who dwell with the Lord – forever.  Unless George Soros, Barack Obama, and their associates don’t do some soul searching and get themselves right with Christ, their eternal future is bleak and abjectly tragic.

What good does it to gain the world when you lose your soul in the process?

As a Republican, I will be honored to support Sarah Palin if she decides to run in 2012 for the GOP nomination.  If not, she has my prayers (disappointed as they may be) for her success in life.

May God Bless Sarah Palin (and John McCain).

P. S.  Happy Birthday to John McCain!

Like I said, may God have mercy on Barack Obama, George Soros, and the Democrat bloggers in Alaska who helped to force her out of office.