More Comments from the O-Bot – Part I


The Pink Flamingo thinks the ongoing comments coming in from “Lisa Pilgrim”, the O-Bot are very important.  Because of this, they need to be read.

The comments are being copied “as is” with no edits.

This is the first of a series of something like 15 or so comments this weekend.

Is Hillary Trapped by Obama

“She also has to be loyal when it is her turn to lead the party she will be given the position, until then she just needs to stay with the program her family is already wealthy and make more per second than most, She will represent the party when the time comes until then she will be a good Democrat and follow orders from the party, she is smart and the people will listen to her when she is needed. She is part of our new formed government and has something to be very proud of.  She will help our new coming leaders in the 2010 elections that is her most important role fo the future and she will be seen when the time comes to bring out the next group.”

A Guest Commentary on Health Care Reform

“Sorry for you losses, The new government plan will take care of all of you, You are wrong when you say most americans dont want the helth care plan, we Are preparing our civil military police for to have available to oversee future elections and prevent fraud, stop the government protesters, remove weapons from people who should not have them and enforce future population controls and help enforce the quality of food thus helping ensure healthy americans. Democratic leaders know what is best for each family our civilian military will report the The white house and make sure all americans get the correct information in the future. All this false talking on tv and radio about our new government must be brought under control, there are illusions that the new democratic party will lose seats when in fact we will pick up more seats at county levels all the way through federal level around the country, voter fraud will be stoped withour new government police force which will not have to answer to congress as we have not existed in the past the old government has faided and we must make sure the new one succeeds. With our new order will will have no need for the CIA and thus the new civil police force can and will take some of the duties from this old failed branch. once we move forward withour work program for the american people in 2011 withour new elected teams members americans will see how well a federal workers union takes care of its citizens, people just need good health care, food, shelter, quality water,transportation, a way to earn credits and less responcibilities in decision making thus allowing more family quality time.  There will be plenty of federal enforcement jobs with the new government thus creating more jobs for those who are loyal to our party. please know that our democratic leaders thoughout the country are united and no small group of resistance can stop our progress now.  The constitution is out dated and has become a burden to the future form of civilized nations, The past is over time for americans stilling living in the past to grow up and accept the future for what it is americans wanted all the things that are coming and not one part of the changes already put in place and those still to be put in place were withheld from them, All levels of government from the lowest to the highest were replaced with our new party agenda so why do so few of you try  to make a loud voice to appear stronger than you are, you have no cash flow limited sites to reveal your thoughts and that will get smaller without new controls over communications coming in 2010. more and more americans will join our case and case and once all things are past you too will see that each of us must support each other in the new government grand design.  Even our military leaders and doctrine are being brough in line to meet the needs of our new Democratic lead government, they too want our new government to suceed and will assit as needed to keep america safe.”

Why Does Obama Hate White People and Want Them to Die

this just adds more light to why the new national civil police force needs to be rushed off the ground, we can and will see this kind of situation doesnt happen again, the old forms of government have failed and when Ar. puts all Democrats back into office and our americorps presidential forces are in place in the state nothing of this nature will happen again.  it is a shame that some americans sill live in the past, the american past government has failed, and that is why americans voted for change it is just taking a while to get all our forces in place and get things in order for the new government and we need more demorcratic leaders to join us in replacing the failed past party leaders arkansas and the other gulf states will come on board more inline withour agendaa after the 2010 elections until then hang on till our government teams arrive to restore order.”

“you need to go to the americore webb site and inquire about the new civil police force as we need people with your thoughts beliefs and values to join our service, it is for the good of america. Each state will have its on force under the control of the white house and ruling party we have lots of positions and need people with educational back grounds of all types.  have a good day and best of luck.”

Has Big Bill Been Cleared?

What part of not being able to go against the ones who have come to save this great nation do you people not get. IT doesnt matter what happened in the past, the people do not have a right to this information if our new administration says its over it is over forget it and move one, they dont answer to anyone, why is it so hared for you and the others who continue to waste the states money to challenge the ones in power, what ever they have decided is best for the people and the books are closed, the FBI and other agencies work for our party and our party will decide what gets looked into and what doesnt. We need to stay focused on prosecuting the soldiers, CIA memebers and other Bush people as they are the ones we are seeking to inprision, for supporting Bush during his presidency, these demestic terrorist are more of a threat to the american people than the loyal members of our party.  This is another example of why the house and senate need to move more quickly at giving the president power over press releases even at state level, this causes confussion and loss of focus on issues of real improtance to the america people, no matter how hard you try this issue is dead and no one has the power to over come the final decisions that have been made, you need to go back and check your own history before attempting to bring up issues like this, go back to the Clinton administration and learn from them what can and will happen to people who oppose the party of power, no one cares any more and the issues of the past are dead along with the fake evidence and the poeple who sought to do harm to the government. That state will stay in our control the mexican’s who live there will ensure our party stays in power this is a wasted effort on anyones part to attempt to over come this infact we will add seats in the house with this state after the new population checks are completed.  Be wise and use you money and assets else where dont attack the one area where you have no chance not even a small one.  you have a much better chance of play roluette with at least 100 to one odds better than this failed effort.