Cold Mass Dems Be Scared?


Could Curt Schilling be Barack Obama’s worst nightmare come true?  The legendary pitcher has expressed an interest in going after John Kerry’s seat.  Is it possible he could be talked into taking on the now empty Senate seat in Mass?

What if – what if – the Dems were to lose Ted Kennedy’s US Senate seat?

We’re hearing a lot about Dems in Mass wanting to change the law (which was changed because of a former GOP governor) back to allowing the governor to appoint an interim US Senator.

Is it possible they are scared?  Zogby has Obama at 42%.

We are hearing that under current conditions, Princess Pelosi could lose anywhere from 20-50 seats in the House.

“…Silver, a Democratic analyst whose uncannily accurate, stat-driven predictions have made his website a must read among political junkies, predicted that Republicans will win between 20 and 50 seats next year. He further alarmed an audience of progressive activists by arguing that the GOP has between a 25 and 33 percent chance of winning back control of the House….”

Kathryn Jean Lopez has an interesting NRO piece about Obama and the Catholic Church.  This is not going to be good.

“...Not only is Rigali the ordinary of Philadelphia, he engages in the health-care debate in his position as chairman of the Pro-Life Activities Committee of the U.S. Bishops Conference, speaking on behalf of all the bishops of the Catholic Church in the United States. And he is far from the only bishop who has spoken out against some of the doing-harm details that have turned up in some versions of the health-care legislation. Denver’s Archbishop Charles J. Chaput put it bluntly: “Killing or funding the killing of unborn children has nothing to do with promoting human health, and including these things in any ‘health care’ proposal, no matter how shrewdly hidden, would simply be a form of lying.”

The Catholic coalition against the reckless rush to pass this legislation got an unlikely ally recently in liberal preacher and Obama collaborator Jim Wallis (the author of God’s Politics: Why the Right Gets It Wrong and the Left Doesn’t Get It). In a CNN interview, Wallis admitted what the president wouldn’t: that current iterations of Obamacare are not clear “yet” on abortion funding. Is Wallis bearing false witness, too?…”


One thought on “Cold Mass Dems Be Scared?

  1. This is funny, as it is a true statement to say this country is not a christian nation, Why? Christians overwelmingly supported our Candidate even though they knew he would support federally funded abortions and birth control issued in public schools, the people who still go to churches would still go even if they were our new community centers the Church can not get its people to go against Our leader, they might not vote due to pressure from there religious leaders which is a form of suppression from the past form of government, but it is clear this is why churches and other religious groups need to stay on the watch list as they have extremist preach propaganda from the pulpit and this is (besides being out dated) these groups should also be regulated by an appoint person from the administration perhaps a relegion Zar what ever your groups call them, it is false polls and beliefs like this that the democrats will lose seats instead of picking them up that cause problems for a few weeks after elections, more anti-government statements that should not be allowed, hopefull MR. LLoyd will get his bills into law soon so this kind of false hope being presented to the minority groups will stop, where will these opposing canidates get money to run for office, where will they get support – who would support keeping things the way they used to be – that is not in line with our new government or its policies. Capitalizm has failed time for the new leaders to take charge make the hard decisions and move us forward we can not allow out dated religious beliefs to hold a party hostage our party found the happy medium with the christian groups and have had no resistance from them, they are a minority group who hold on to some beliefs and apply them on an as needed basis. Churches attempt to motivate people based off of a belief well your beliefs have failed, why do you think we had all the religious plaques and documents taken off of the building it doesnt meet our parties values and serve the purpose of the new government. The people owe the democratic party and its leadership loyalty and really the people shouldnt be allowed to see how the representitives vote on issue, this was attempted to be passed a few years ago but not enough people supported the bill, now maybe the other team members will agree the votes need to be confidential from the american public as the party has a right to make decision based on these crisis times that are in the best interest of the new government dont need minority groups using congressional votes as tools to attempt to replace our leaders.

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