Harry Teague’s Little Friend – Van Jones


On Friday The Pink Flamingo, along with many members of the GOP in New Mexico, discovered that the seminar on energy in Las Cruces would be featuring radical Obama officials Steven Chu and Van Jones.

It is thought that Van Jones is in Las Cruces to “shore up” Harry Teague’s liberal base.  Problem is there are not enough liberals in the 2nd District to re-elect our little “moderate” in liberal’s clothing.  Teague pretends to be “moderate” or conservative leaning but votes with Nancy Pelosi 90% of the time!   The people who work for him are programmed to tell you one thing, misleading the constituant into thinking Teague is not that radical.  The mis-inform as to his voting intentions.  Then he votes the way Nancy Pelosi tells him to vote.

Now, though we can finally “out” Teague as an Obama-lovin’, radical schmoozing, liberal.  There were rumors that Van Jones was going to appear at a fund-raiser for Teague.   Several well-placed NMGOP contacts, all working different sources,  were unable to track anything else on Friday.  The event organizers for Teague, a professional group, closed up early for the weekend.

The Pink Flamingo was under the opinion that it would be unwise to mention the event until it happened – to get the goods on Teague.  As of this writing, the NM press is not covering the event or the fact that Harry Teague is going to appear on a program with one Obama’s most liberal “czars.

Van Jones is a self-professed communist who is Barack Obama’s Green Jobs Czar.  His prejudice and racism are a matter of public record. If a Republican POTUS has appointed an equally radical, far right conservative to a job of equal importance, the media would be demanding that heads roll.  As it is, we’re being treated to the mythology of Obama’s summer vacation.

Harry Teague is pretending to be “moderate”.  His association with Van Jones proves otherwise.

From the NM GOP:

“Teague Chairing Conference with Global Warming Activists—After Admitting He Wasn’t Sure Problem Existed

July Flashback: “I don’t know if I believe in it [global warming] or not. I am not a scientist.”

ALBUQUERQUE—In an attempt to shore up liberal support after Teague’s conservative constituents took him to task for supporting a national energy tax which will drive up costs for hardworking New Mexico families, the freshman representative is chairing an energy conference, today and tomorrow, headlining two prominent global warming activists and Obama appointees, Steven Chu and Van Jones.  While Teague’s prominent role in this conference may play well with his liberal base, it only highlights Teague’s increasing leftward drift away from the values of the state’s Second Congressional District.

“Teague’s actions continue to erode confidence that he is in Washington fighting on behalf of the concerns and values of his district,” stated Harvey Yates Jr., chairman of the Republican Party of New Mexico.  “While many congressmen are at home facing tough questions from their constituents on health care and out-of-control spending, Teague has selected to participate in events tailored to his most liberal supporters.”

Yates continued, “Remember, just after his vote to support a national energy tax to combat global warming, Teague was quoted admitting that he wasn’t sure global warming even existed.”

Teague will chair his two-day “Re-energize America” conference at the New Mexico State University campus today and tomorrow.  Keynote speaker Chu created controversy when he proclaimed earlier this year that global warming could wipe out California agriculture by the end of the century.  Jones, an environmental activist and author of a book endorsed by Nancy Pelosi and Al Gore, chronicled his journey toward communism in a 2005 interview.”