Part I: Our Taxpayer Dollars At Work With ACORN O-Bots


Obama’s Little ACORN Zombie Army

The Pink Flamingo has been receiving comments from an O-Bot named Lisa Pilgrim.  Sunday morning she told us a little bit about herself.  Her story is sad, terrifying, pathetic, and truly makes me angry.  People like Lisa are being manipulated, brain-washed, and used.  Lisa needs help.  Instead, she is being indoctrinated in pure hate.

One of The Pink Flamingo’s two trusted confidants is wondering if “Lisa Pilgrim” is on the level, or we’re just being scammed by another O-Bot trick. The Pink Flamingo’s other trusted confidant relayed information that there appears to be a coordinated O-Bot attack to take the subject off more pressing matters.

If this post is on the level, and “Lisa” is a member of Obama’s ACORN Army then we are dealing with nothing less than a Zombie Army.

Those of us who have dedicated our lives to the preservation of Truth, Justice, and the American Way have one thing in common.  99.9% of us are literate.  We know how to read.  We know how to write a sentence.  We then know how to turn that sentence into a half-way readable paragraph. The majority of us also have a tendency to be a trifle bit literate.

We know how to think.

Would you allow yourself to be bused into a meeting, turning yourself into cattle to be herded into the right corral?

What kind of a person takes a script and writes comments like the one below?

Then – what kind of a person takes advantage of people like this?

What kind of person follows a mob?

If the following is on the level, we have a serious problem in this nation.  There are always going to be people who aren’t bright enough to think for themselves. They are part of any given “Zombie Army”.  They are the “bread and circuses” crowd, manipulated by hand-outs for votes and favors.

People like this are the back-bone of any repulsive revolution where good and decent men, women, and children end up murdered, slaughtered on the streets.  They have no will of their own, but are part of some pathetic Borg-like collective conscience.

Gene Roddenberry, AKA The Great Bird of the Galaxy, understood people like this.  He understood that they can be manipulated one of two ways, for good or evil.  Obama, ACORN, and their associates are manipulating these people for evil.

What is the difference between their manipulations and abuse?

This is what she wrote:

perhaps my spelling and gramer are bad but i fully understand what i voted for and the party has been a big help to my family and helping to teach new skills, DNC movement with acron has really been a good thing for low income families, i’m still learning to use the internet and can copy and type things fairly well, when i try to do things on my own they get mis spelled and grammer is bad as you say. Sorry the lady was upset, it is the furtue of american that we intend to change with our party in power it is not personal and should not be taken personal. Everyone has made some kind of contribution to the american community as a whole, i will refrain from bearing the truth of what we understand must be the future of america as once upon a time i also had a mother.  my children are able to get a better education throught the accron people than i was able to. other countries long adapted before us we have some catching up to do for so long we have lived on a high horse now we have fallen off and our new leadership will get us back on track with the rest of the world. sorry someones feeling got hurt. AS a humanist we do have compassion for those who have lived long lives.”

Try this one about Senior Citizens.  I find it rather interesting.  Is this the new way Seniors are going to be terrorized by the Dems?

We already know that we need voting reform on the elderly as they get older, some of them should not be albe to vote, as they are not intune with current issues. our new party will address this issue and put it to rest, we know there is some problems with voting and this is one of them.”