Did Pat Buchanan Finally Go Too Far This Time?


“…A veteran of World War I who had seen the tattered bodies of his fellow soldiers lying in the trenches, and who had been the victim of a poison gas attack himself, Hitler never recovered from the defeat. A proponent of social Darwinism, he defined politics as the “conduct and process of the historical struggle for the life of nations.” Without war, there was stagnation, and stagnation, Hitler believed, was tantamount to ruin. “Long live war — even if it lasts from two to eight years,” he proclaimed. A man who was so regaled by death and doom was incapable of promoting peace….”

How does Pat Buchanan explain the above paragraph?

How does Patrick J. Buchanan commemorate the 70th anniversary of World War II? He tries to explain,  to a willing audience, that Hitler never really wanted a war.  Evidently Hitler figured Europe, Africa, and America would roll over and let him goose-step into their countries and people would throw flowers instead of bullets.

The Pink Flamingo has been writing about Patrick J. Buchanan’s little problem for ages.  The real problem isn’t just Patrick J. Buchanan, but the entire far right conservative movement and their handlers.

His latest column, widely circulated, promotes the idea that Hitler did not want war.  According to Buchanan, Hitler did not invade Poland to start a war.  Same thing with France (tell that to Bogey).

Instead of making nice about Hitler, maybe the real question is why wasn’t Hitler stopped earlier.  But, if people like Pat Buchanan were to ask that question, they would then be forced to reconsider their pacifist and myopic stand on the War on Terror, and their endless castigation of George W. Bush.  Buchanan, who considers himself something of a historian is playing the role of the fool who has not learned from history.  George W. Bush, ridiculed as a fool, is a man wise enough to know the lessons of history and was determined not to repeat them.  Instead of shaking in his very expensive cowboy boots, like a good Texan, he took the battle to the enemy.

“…At the German-Polish border, about 150 kilometers (94 miles) east of Berlin, 54 German divisions, or about 1.5 million soldiers, are about to take up their positions, and 3,600 armored vehicles and more than 1,500 airplanes are ready to embark on the operation known as “Case White” — the invasion of Poland on the following day. All the German forces need to move forward is an order from the Führer.

But is this the right time for Hitler to attack? How will Paris and London, Warsaw’s allies, react? And how will Hitler’s confederate, Italian dictator Benito Mussolini, position himself? Italy is considered an important major power, capable of tying up British naval forces in the Mediterranean. But will Il Duce, who was only given a vague forewarning of Germany’s imminent invasion of Poland the day before, play along?…”

Maybe we should also be asking why people like FDR allowed strict immigration laws to be passed, shipping back to Germany, Jews who were trying to escape with their lives.  Instead, FDR and his cronies send these people back to their certain deaths.  Makes you wonder about strict immigration policies, the kind Buchanan and his nasty little associates at VDare and the Council of Conservative Citizens want enforced.

Then again, Buchanan associates with the CofCC and VDare.  The CofCC has their yearly meeting with a lovely little group called Stormfront.  Ever heard of them?  They’re the kind of people who would have joined Buchanan in paving the way for Hitler.

What about Ron Paul and his nasty little supporters?

Would someone please explain why Pat Buchanan is still accepted in “polite society” and why is anyone supporting him – or his agenda?

The Amish and the Mennonites have a practice called “Shunning”.  I think it is time for the far right to denounce and “shun” Buchanan – and anyone who gives him a break.