Lindsey Will NOT Support a Government Option on Health Care Reform


Lindsey is back home from the war zones.  He spoke at the Clemson Rotary Club on the topic of health care reform.  His comments run contrary to what the anti-Lindsey conservatives think he believes.  Then again, Lindsey has been on the record about his views for ages.  The problem is no one bothers to see what he really thinks.  They would rather slam him.

“…U.S. Sen. Lindsey Graham said Monday that he would never support a government-run public health insurance option and hoped President Obama would seek a bipartisan plan that included tort reform and insurance reform.

He said he supports an individual tax credit for health care. An employer option could remain, but he said he believes the individual credit would provide more cost savings.

The idea of a public (health care) option … will never get my vote,” Graham said…On health care, Graham said he would like to see elements of it reformed rather than try to accomplish total reform in one bill.

“You can’t take a big system like this and do it in 90 days,” he said.

The country is on an “unsustainable path” in its entitlement programs and could incorporate changes in Medicaid and Medicare at the same time, he said. The U.S. owes $36 trillion in commitments to Medicare alone, he said.

If Medicare, the health-care plan for people 65 and older, were reformed to require the more affluent to pay more, or changed to a backup health plan with people allowed people to keep the plan they have, it would improve the financial outlook of the system, he said.

As for public meetings where people have been yelling at their representatives, Graham said they also should have answers.

“It’s OK to be upset, but you don’t get a pass when it comes to fixing the problem,” he said.

Graham said Democrats “will be tempted to pass something without bipartisan support,” but that would be a serious mistake. Under a process known as reconciliation, the Democrats would need only 51 votes to pass legislation.

The idea of getting 60 votes in the Senate to pass major legislation has served the country well, he said.”