More Comments from the O-Bot – Part III


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Level-3 Communications & U – The Internet Shut-Down Gambit

“history teaches many lessons, in our new world internet communications have proven to be a problem, information travels faster more people are able collect data and thus draw conclusions, people can be more informed with the draw down in the american economy it is clear more people are looking at internet sites bloggs and passing local information from there areas,the problem can be seen from other governments around the world who have had elections, and changes in government laws that have caused small minority groups who are unable to adapt to change to become very loud and thus getting other people to join in who never really had the heart to fight government or people of power, taking this in to consideration you should be able to understand why more than ever we need to have control over the internet you can look at fox blogs for example and see that the people even say that the right wing people should be arrested as they are causing problems and making people turn against the democratic party, but with more controls on the media internet and other forms of communication we are coming into a position where we dont need to arrest people with distorted views we can simple control the information passed on through these types of sites and other communiction outlets, it is truly for the benifit of the american people to maintain peace in a time of transition, history also teaches not to changes to fast but set a pace and surround your self with different groups to control the elements that have effects on the end goal. IT is clear that the american people support the peopels party the democratic leaders and understand there hard job to fix what is broken, you have to beable to see the future where failed parties no longer exist you say this can not and will not happen, you continue to live in the past, the american people know that once we only have one party then the only choice left is which person in the party is ready to assume the leaership role of our old nations being reborn more and more educated republicans join our ranks every day, as well as the independants, it is only the ones who are still stuck in the past who dont have the ability or mental compacity to adapt to the changes, now in my former post you attacked my grammer, that is fine yes only have a high school education but have been educated by community groups since then, grammer and spelling still have trouble with that to be able to communicate on your verbal level, i accept that, but i have sworn my self to the democratic party and have been very able to collect votes for local canidates and raise money to support the cause.  noone has to be accountable for where money comes from to get people elected that has been proven time and time again and with the internet you it is so easy to get money from so many sources and tracing those transactions is impossible, not once has anyone had to account for where money has come from or what is doen with it, donations from companies in the forms of gift cards ect. are great tools to get people to the polls, if a person is ill and thinks he or she is not going to be around in the election we get the absentee ballot filled out and there vote counted that could explain why some poeple say the dead voted for democrats but that is a myth. But in the next election with the help of the sec. of state we will not have to worry about fraud at the election polls, as she will oversee making sure the personnel are deployed to kept order and make sure the peoples votes are counted, we dont need to have the press in the votting stations causes to many poeple not to vote thinking elections are already over, we dont need to epose percentages as in the past, when it is all finished then the people will be told who there new party leaders are. When cap and trade passes and the american oil and gas industry passes the gulf states will also join our moment people need food clothing and shelter the party can and will provide those things the parties of the past failed to provide that to the poeple and there system failed ours is fail proof. just takes our leaders a while to change all these laws that are so out dated, once upon a time as in little red ridding hood these old laws worked but now they are finished the american people see this, but again the press and bloggs still have people living in the past, they can have the same patriotic beleifs in the new administation which is here to stay for a while, as they did in the past ones.  now i hope you dont think i am attacking you for i am not, simply telling you the future the american people have chosen this course and as many others facing homlessness this is the only way out, i am not able to reeducate you thinking, fortunetly for our american childeren they will be taught correctly in our school system to avoid this problem in the future, as for those of you who hold on to the past government i believe along with the leaders of our party that you to will do the right thing and join, as when the economy crashes even harder and you are faced with problems at home you will join us as family always comes first.”

There Is No GOP Leadership Defecit … But ….

“The republicans are not financially able to lanch a campain against any democrat who is loyal to the party.  We have dominated the cash flow and financial institutions none of them can work without our consent, the unions belong to the party with there sworn allinances, the media is ours, talk radio will soon be under our control as well as the internet services, so how can you think health care plan will not pass it is part of a series of things that must be done over the next 3 years, small businesses also will soon fall under our control and they will join our movement to go forward with change, so what is left that the republicans think they can do they are not organized they have no leader of the party they are quite and in checkmate, if you live in a glass house you will not attempt to attack the rulling party, even your failed john mccain doesnt have the voice he once had he is defeated and soft he knows the future is ours he is allowed to stay in existance to finish out his voice in politics but has no real voice just a puppit of the past, he will remain netural and not attack the hands that allow him existance, you are right in stating the republicans could not counter the democratic party, as they are a defeated party by the american people who have rejected there beliefs and values, ethics, the total existance of there very party which has no meaning or power left infact to avoid embarrisment some of them may run as a republican in some districts to the us in the 2010 elections and once elected joint over to the party of power, republicans and there uninteligent supporters are defeated even the people who support them or should we say supported them are imbaressed to admit it, infact they didnt vote with there party as our loyal people do, they vote for the party the more power we create for ourselves the more votes we get. i look forward to seeing your post the day after the next eletions, provided we are still able to communicate about government issues, reguardless of the new laws i will think of you the day after the results, i am sure as in all other countries of the world people will develop a way to commmunicate about the government even with communication restrictions americans always have been creative there is no reason to think they want learn how to get around government security systems inorder to communicate with other groups about there thoughts on government. my income and skills will not allow me to do such things but i will get to see the government seaches and arrest of people conspiring against the law and order of our new government on the news channels to some degree. i am sure if you chose to do so you could have a very positive impact on our party movement in the future, just need a little reeducating. maybe you can beat the old saying you cant teach an old dog new tricks.