Harry Teague’s Very Liberal Roots Are Showing


Harry Teague must be terrified of Steve Pearce, or he wouldn’t be dishing out and serving up the bacon.  In other words, it’s time for pork in New Mexico – but it will be solar powered. And – it will be in Teague’s district.   Isn’t that special?

The typical Democratic Coward, Teague had several local cops in Alamo at his side when he finally faced his constituents.  As usual he refused to take a stand.  That’s Teague’s MO.  He does not tell We The People how he plans to vote until he betrays us.

Yea, Harry Teague is a typical lying Democrat.

“…Teague, who serves southern New Mexico’s sprawling 2nd District, already has drawn an opponent. Republican Steve Pearce, who gave up the seat during his third term to make an unsuccessful run at the Senate, wants his old job back. He doesn’t support the House bill.
The representatives have been cautious in their support, talking about specific proposals or concerns rather than backing the bill as a whole. Teague hasn’t declared a position on the bill. During the Alamogordo event, he repeatedly declined to answer questions about the 1,018-page House measure, which he said he had read cover-to-cover. The lack of specifics frustrated many who attended. “I didn’t hear any answers. I heard a lot of ‘I don’t knows,'” said Richard McWhirter, who says pending reforms will put his auto parts store out of business. Teague was guarded during an interview beforehand, saying he has questions about cost containment, providing options for people and making sure reform won’t overburden small businesses. “I don’t know that I have a bottom line,” Teague said….”