UPDATED:MAC OS X Snow Leopard Installed – Making Me Crazy


2nd Update:

Apple Tech support, which is usually the best, failed.  I ended up googling the two plug-ins and finding out where the problems were.  Tech Support did not do that.

If you are going to install Snow Leopard, make sure you have disabled your 3rd party plug-ins, esp. anything anti-spam that may be hooked onto your mail program.

UPDATED:  Think twice before installing the upgrade.  I’ve been trying to download my email for 3 hours.  The tech support people at Apple KNOW NOTHING about this product.

If you sent an email to me during the past 24 hours, please resend it.

The Pink Flamingo will be slow posting until the glitches with Snow Leopard are solved.  It has done something dastardly to my email.

Evidently I am going to be on hold with some guy from Apple for a good 10 minutes.