More Comments from the O-Bot – Part IV


Our little O-Bot, Lisa Pilgrim believes all that she has been told about Sarah Palin.  It is truly sad.

Read My Lipstick Blog-Roll Deleted

“WoW, will have to learn more about this subject, all i know from our party is the fact that most religious groups found her to be unfit to lead, the president and vice president made it clear that her decision to have a disable child though that was her decision and right by laws at the time, made it clear she would not be able to lead americans as she decided to put a burden on her family and shortly there after almost all womens groups and voices in the main media sounded the eco of support that she was under educated and didnt posses the beliefs and valuse of todays american woman, dont understand this post in general but find in totally amazing that any party thinks it can stand up to the democratic power in place now. we have some trouble with the so called blue dogs but they will be disiplined and fall in line or be replaced with loyal leaders who agree with our movement more of us than they are of them, but your party is so weak and defeated and financially stapped it is
amazing to see the open hands of failure, but since most american women dislike her and she is out dated old failed news really, this is a low light so to say. you can detect anger in your post

I’m Proud of My 2008 POTUS Vote!

“The american people decided the election not a group or element, the people wanted the government to change the people know the constititution is out dated no one kept the parties agenda from the people count how many times they discussed openly that the old american government had failed time for new policies changing laws what ever was needed but it would be fixed and it would be dificult. Quit living in the past get on with you life except the things you can not change and take care of those you love, the new form of government the people wanted will do the rest. you other comments say i am less than educated and your right to a degree but i keep hearing all these laws we dont have to follow because we are democrats almost every week to be modist, hear about laws and rules having to be changed quickly to make our plans work, seeking out new court leaders who will be loyal and understand the plan, yet nothing stops us so it has to be ok.  if it really was wrong and we had to beaccountable surley things wouldnt be so bad so we must be doing what is right and all the stories are wrong. what is done is done now we all move on.”

Obama’s Senior Moment

“We already know that we need voting reform on the elderly as they get older, some of them should not be albe to vote, as they are not intune with current issues. our new party will address this issue and put it to rest, we know there is some problems with voting and this is one of them.”