An O-Bot Comments on O-Bot Article


The Pink Flamingo is in the process of featuring a collection of comments from an O-Bot, Lisa Pilgrim.  Lo and behold another comment popped up on the post about O-Bot comments.  It is a thing of beauty, a work of art, a literary masterpiece for the ages.

Oh, the most fun – the comment featured here is basically the same one posted, several times in various versions, on The Pink Flamingo.  This is just a hoot.  We’re even talking the very same grammatical errors and misspelled words!  Gotta love that copy and paste tool!

Pink Flamingo confident Sharon C. thinks that we’re dealing with a canned comment process where O-Bots simply use what they have.  She also wonders if what we think are ACORN based comments could be manipulated to look ignorant, ill-educated, and pathetic.

I’m not sure.

(It comes out of McLean.  This weekend’s posts were tracked to  just outside of DC?)

More Comments from the O-Bot: Part II

“…Democratic Arrogance: “This time you are all wrong, there is no way in these united states that you will be able to remove this party from power we have learned from the past everything that has caused us the loss of power and elections, this time we have a solids plan we will have control of the elections and yes this is what the american people want and need, they all belive the elections have problems and our poeple will have observers there to prevent fraud and we have the ability to rasie more money than any country in the world let alone any party that would try to oppose us. We dont answer to the minority of people and americans still support us. We have control and that is what the american people wanted, not only will we hold power but we will pick up more seats across the country, as for your religious beliefs they are as out dated as the constitution, a common moral beliefs will become the future we have already controled the schools and educational system now we need to move towards keepingthis from being voiced in public, as this causes confussion among some of the under educated people in this land. having personal views in your own home is ok just not voiced in public, you will see in the next year we will begin to bring this under control, most churches are in line with the party there are a few hold outs but they too will fall in line. you know your people seem so sincere in there beliefst that the old costitution would still work for the american people but yet daily the american people see the changes and know what is happening to bring things in line and make the changes that were promissed and yet no one really cares as long as there needs are meet, and that is what our party the democratic party does for people.  The leaders have much more education than i do and are able to communicate with the public in a way to where they understand and support us, in closing i guess the only thing that is really obsolete is the parties who would challenge our party in the 2010 elections that is what is obsolete, with the control of media and other forms of communication there will be little to no opsoition to our candidates and any hope they had of rasing more money are gone, any hopes of controling the election process gone, past history we now control both and the means by  which communciations will take place. All we have to do is send our leaders out to talk for the new candidates who have been chosen to replace the indipendants and the dead republican party and its done. if i were a rich person and were able i would put up 100k, as i am so sure with the new plan in place and actively being worked throughout this great land our party will secure additional seats in every county in each state as well as pick up additional govenors.  We will not lose senate seats but pick up seats we will not lose in the house but pick up more seats, the will of the people to bring change is stronger than your will to live in the past, Even if we for some reason failed to secure the total media, this is america and we have money we can always buy the open market and as you already know the media does what its employers say everyone has a price tag, everything is for sale the republicans have taught the democrats that for years now we have learned through new communication skills and enemies of america made by the republicans how to capitalize on that very fact. Dont attack my voice to you to bad as i do look forward to reading your sides stories when i can, i know you have been taught to dislike change so i understand that as well, it is hard to teach an old dog new tricks, some poeple just dont adapt to change very well.”…”