First They Came for Palin, Now They Are After Schilling


Have you wondered if certain Democrats have a soul or actual morality?  Want proof that they do not? First they went after Sarah Palin.  Then they turned both barrels on Michelle Bachmann (she’s a great target).  Now they are after Curt Schilling.

Barack Obama's 2nd Worst Nightmare
Barack Obama's 2nd Worst Nightmare

“…Former Red Sox pitcher Curt Schilling suggested yesterday that he was weighing a bid for U.S. Senate in the upcoming Massachusetts special election and on WEEI-AM this morning he talked about his main credentials for the job.

Said Schilling: “It’s a legitimate question, and a question everyone would ask. My credentials are that I have no baggage. I have no special interests and I have no ties.”

It’s almost as if he’s baiting political reporters like Gary Hart did when he asked them to “follow me around.” We all know how that ended….”

The comments from the usual sources, you know, the ones who tried to destroy SP, are already getting very nasty.  Funny, the only time I ever heard anyone diss Curt Schilling before today was when he was ruining a Yankee day or two.  In fact, please, let’s go on record.  Today, September 3, 2009 is the day the liberals turned on Curt Schilling.  Once upon a time Schilling was on the straight and narrow yellow brick road to first ballot immortality.  Now, though, he’s chopped liver.

Once again we are looking at the real problem.  Dems are already saying he is a jerk.  They’re  using Van Jones epitaphs on Schilling.  He has no experience.  He’s not liked.  He’s not eligible.

Yada Yada Yada

You want to know what the real problem is?

Democrats today know nothing about the “real world”.  Their experience is in the corruption of the good, the destruction of what is right.  They must denigrate everyone as “inexperienced” because their false tin plated dictator with delusions of god-hood (a Star Trek line) is abjectly incompetent and has no experience beyond destroying in order to achieve.

I don’t know about you, but to The Pink Flamingo, a guaranteed First Ballot shot at Immortality is the greatest achievement there is.  In order to get that shot, which is extremely rare, a man must have achieved the near impossible.  Implied is character, strength, courage, tenacity, and the ability to persevere.

Win–Loss record        216–146
Earned run average        3.46
Strikeouts        3,116

6× All-Star selection (1997, 1998, 1999, 2001, 2002, 2004)
3× World Series champion (2001, 2004, 2007)
2001 World Series MVP
2001 NL TSN Pitcher of the Year
2001 Roberto Clemente Award
2001 Babe Ruth Award
2001 Branch Rickey Award
2001 Hutch Award
1995 Lou Gehrig Memorial Award

Yea, Curt Schilling will make Barack Obama look like chopped liver, or a .200 hitter, which ever comes first.  Read those stats.  Now, what has Barack Obama ever achieved in his life?  What did Ted Kennedy ever achieve for that matter?

Could it be that they are afraid, very afraid.  This does not sound like a future Hall of Famer who is NOT going to run.  If he runs, they will vote.   They are now trying to prove that he is not eligible to run as a Republican.

“…SCHILLING: It’s a legitimate question, and a question everyone would ask. My credentials are that I have no baggage. I have no special interests and I have no ties. I would be coming in to help this state get back to what it was, what it should be and what it can be. It’s a state, there needs to be an immense amount of focus inward. We have one of the best education systems on the planet in this state. It’s something that we should be trumpeting and parading around. We’ve got an immense amount of special interests in this state that are doing everything and anything they can, that have no interest whatsoever in the working man. The person that works nine-to-five for crap dollars is getting spat on. It’s becoming a state that’s next to impossible to live and prosper in. I think it was anything but when it was founded. My credentials, I wouldn’t call them so much credentials as advantages…”