If They Lied About the “Green” Lightbulb…


European officials are admitting that the new “Green” light bulbs, which will soon be required, are not very bright, and the information given about their green energy saving bulbs.  They take 10 minutes to warm up.  They use 80% less energy and may last up to 8 years.  BUT – you need a half dozen more lamps to make up for their energy saving kaka.

It’s like the “water saving” repair to my guest room toilet.  Now, instead of using one flush (for simply TP) it takes a half dozen.  I’m sure saving a heck of a lot of water.

“….We found that under normal household conditions, using a single lamp to light a room, an 11W low-energy CFL produced only 58 per cent of the illumination of an “equivalent” 60W bulb – even after a 10-minute “warm-up”.

On a website intended to answer consumers’ questions about the switch to energy saving bulbs, the European Commission states: “Currently, exaggerated claims are often made on the packaging about the light output of compact fluorescent lamps.

“For example, a 11-12 Watt compact fluorescent lamp would be the equivalent of a 60 Watt incandescent, which is not true. The light output of 15W compact fluorescent lamp is slightly more than the light output from a 60W incandescent.”

Under the regulations which are being implemented in the UK from tomorrow, it will be illegal for retailers to import 100W, frosted or pearled incandescent light bulbs, or to sell them once their current stocks have run out. Instead consumers will have to rely upon CFLs or low-energy halogen bulbs.

From September 2011, 60W clear incandescent bulbs will be banned, followed by a ban on all remaining incandescent bulbs in September 2012….”