Lindsey’s Novel Idea for Health Care Reform


Lindsey Graham has a very novel idea for Health Care Reform.  At a meeting of health care professionals, he suggested Barack Obama and the Dems start over – and let health care professionals take over, and come up with something.


Local “protesters” – Democrats were shut out of the meeting!

“…Graham told the invitation-only panel of 20 doctors and hospital administrators at Piedmont Medical Center that a bipartisan panel of lawmakers and business people would be better suited to draft a health care plan, not liberal members of Congress.

“The big question for the Democrats is will they go it alone?” Graham said. “I would urge our Democratic colleagues to abandon that option.”

The Democrats’ government-run health care reform option dubbed “Obamacare” has drawn very vocal criticism from citizens who are concerned about adding trillions of dollars to the U.S. debt to fund socialized medicine.

That anger is something Graham gets.

“I know people are upset,” said Graham. “I don’t need to have a meeting to understand. I do need to understand how health care works. It makes sense for me to sit down with people who are in the business of health care.”..”