What Do You Know About EMPs?


Pink Flamingo reader and friend Sally Vee, sent out an email about a conference she attended about EMPs.  I suggest you read this.   There will be a conference on Sept. 9.  What do you know about EMPs and what will happen if we were to experience one?

“My husband and I write to convey our deep concerns about the threat of an EMP attack (or a natural EMP occurrence). And we also write to tell you about an inexpensive and well organized 2-day conference coming up September 8-10. We are so concerned we are seriously considering attending ourselves. I think it would be an extremely wise idea for a Hoover City and Shelby County contingent to attend as well. The conference will be kicked off by [fmr.] Gov. Mike Huckabee, and another of the speakers we admire is Newt Gingrich — he’s one of the driving forces behind the whole project.

We heard an excellent and alarming radio interview yesterday with Dr. Peter Vincent Pry (another conference speaker). Among the things he said was that the current administration is doing absolutely nothing to deal with the EMP threat — oh, except that President Obama signed something authorizing the protection of D.C. bureaucrats’ communications system from an EMP attack. Great, what a relief to know federal officials will be able to talk to each other in the aftermath of an attack, while the rest of the country is left to fend for itself. Isn’t it revealing that D.C. insiders seem to take the threat seriously in terms of their own survival, while ignoring the threat to 300 million other citizens.

In his very cogent interview, Dr. Pry emphasized that there are many relatively simple things we can do as citizens and on our local government levels, to secure infrastructure and secure ourselves personally. Pry was on a congressional commission that devised a perfectly reasonable, doable, nationwide plan. He said most of the measures are not even all that costly to do. But the commission was shut down. Why, I do not know, and that is one reason we want to attend the conference. If a plan exists, we demand to know why it hasn’t been implemented.

Let me emphasize what should be obvious: EMP presents a very real and almost unimaginably devastating danger. Yet it is also a manageable threat, one from which we can largely shelter ourselves with a little bit of strategic thinking and civic leadership. Personally, I would rather spend my energy implementing a smart plan, rather than stockpiling food, medicine, soap, weapons and other bare necessities required to survive a successful EMP attack. Good grief! Does the federal government ever do anything intelligent or creative anymore, besides figuring out ways to swipe cash from taxpayers and avoid accountability? Didn’t the 9-11 commission conclude we were attacked due to a “failure of imagination?”

So why wait for federal leadership we know is never coming. Why not decide to lead instead, right here in little old Birmingham metro. Why not demonstrate some forethought, figure out what we need to do to protect our community, get it done, and maybe lead other communities in the same direction in the process.

Below is the conference website. I urge all of you to look it over carefully. There is a ton of clear, straightforward info including videos and extremely impressive bios of all the conference panelists. These are not nuts or unhinged alarmists.

Empact America Inc. presents

Protecting America Against Permanent Continental
Shutdown From Electromagnetic Pulse:
A National Conference

September 8th-10th, 2009,
Niagara Falls, NY


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  1. Hey, I am going for sure. John cannot go but he wants me to go. I’ve spoken to Alabama state Asst. Homeland Security Director and got some interesting info and a big encouragement to go as well.

    We’ll see what I learn and I’ll report back.

    Check out the conference here… they’ve finalized and significantly beefed up the schedule – download the PDF if you’re interested.


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