Is Curt Schilling Thinking About a Run?


Curt Schilling has a new blog post about what he believes.  I believe it could be a platform for a Senate campaign.  Of course Dems are going to throw a registered “independent” rule to keep him from running GOP, but then again, I think it’s about time we out play them, al la Sarah Palin.

In stating his case, Schilling has proved he is worthy of being elected.  He proves how reasonable he is.

“...People, many people, point to my support of former President Bush as the only reason they need to support “whoever he would run against”. Obviously that’s your right, and freedom. However it appears to me that as an Independent, which I will always be, I’ve always tried to vote for the right team more so than the right person. I believed in Dick Cheney, I believed in Colin Powell, I believed in Condoleezza Rice. I voted as much, if not more, for the team President Bush had assembled as I ever did for the man. It’s the reason I voted for his father, it’s the reason I voted for Bill Clinton….

He continues, and basically ratifies the belief of the Founding Fathers that we need “gentlemen” legislators who are not professionals.

“..To be clear I have no ambition to enter into a life of politics, or to be a career politician, none. I am flattered that some people felt I’d be the right person for this. None of that means I would, or will, attempt to run for the vacant Senator’s seat here in Massachusetts. Were I to even consider this it would be for 1 term and 1 term only, and then only to do everything in my power to rid this state of the tired an unethical people that have run it into the ground and help it begin the healing process, and once again become a thriving state to live and work in.

A run for the Senate is a massive undertaking, both personally and financially. I’m not even close to a Rhodes Scholar or Ivy League graduate, but I also know I’m watching many people with those exact credentials run this state, and this country, into the ground. You don’t need either to serve the people of the commonwealth, what you need is an unbridled and unattached passion to change peoples lives for the better. You need to not be beholden to all of those groups that offer the ‘we pay now, you pay later’ handout.

I have no idea if I’ll even do this, but if by some slim chance I do it won’t be a joke, and it won’t be for laughs. These are deadly serious times at home and abroad and this country absolutely has to elect public servants who don’t head to Washington with an “Out of sight out of mind” approach to us living back home…”