Obama’s Back to School Special


The Pink Flamingo had a late lunch at a well known NM chain, Cattle Baron.  One of their trademarks is a huge salad bar.  (That was my lunch).  While I was waiting for the check, a kid, 10 or 11 years old,  went to the salad bar (in front of his seated parents) and played in the food.  He pulled things out with his hands, putting them back.  His parents did nothing.  H walked all over the restaurant.  His parents did nothing.  I would like to say they had the manners of pigs, but I don’t want to insult the pigs.

There is  much discussion about children and why they can’t learn.  The one thing you never hear discussed is how pathetic some parents are.  The child I watched today has behavioral problems.  The parents obviously had no restrictions on him, and even allowed him to go outside and literally play in the parking lot. One can only feel pity for the child’s poor teachers, who would be blamed for any trouble he would incur.

Right now liberals are crying foul, that one reason children are so dumb is because Obama isn’t allowed to enrich their lives.  These are the same people who would have a child like the one I observed today.  They are clueless, and many are to blame for our educational ills.

One of the few things I have  gone on record as having disagreed with George W. Bush has been No Child Left Behind.  It was a good idea.  Unfortunately good intentions often go awry.

The big problem with No Child Left Behind is the fact that the average school administrator is nothing but a sniveling coward, terrified of their own shadows.  They are terrified their schools will not show up good in testing, so they now demand teachers not teach but prep for tests.  If the average administrator had the backbone of a jellyfish it would be an improvement to the pathetic excuse of men and women who are only interested in looking good in the next report.

They are so terrified of their own shadows that they enact draconian zero tolerance rules that have seriously contributed to the dramatic rise in drop-out rates through the nation.  I could tell you the story of a young woman I know, a National Merit Scholar, getting ready to graduate with honors and a fortune in scholarship money.  A few weeks before her graduation she was caught smoking in the parking lot, and suspended for two weeks.  A downward spiral began that led to her dropping out, losing her scholarship, involving herself in a dramatic early marriage, and no college.

Yes, smoking in the parking lot was a bone-headed move, but it was one that should not have destroyed her life. What was once an extremely bright future turned into yet another New Mexico statistic.  Administrators are so worried about lawsuits they are willing to sacrifice, to cannibalize the young.  Just a thought.  Perhaps they should be subjected to a lawsuit every time something like “this” happens.  I wonder what would happen to drop-out rates then?

They sure “taught” her a thing or two. Gone are the days when being busted on school property while smoking pot would result in a week long suspension.  Now the same kid is expelled, out on the streets.  The teachers who do have the milk of humanity within them, those who want to “salvage” a kid like this, are no longer allowed to do so.  It could result in a lawsuit.

Instead they must cater to administrators who are so woefully ignorant that they do not recognize the professionally acted words of the Witches of MacBeth.  Rather than admit a mistake, the administrator to whom I refer castigated the English lit teacher, demanding to know what sort of thing she was teaching her students.  She glared at him and handed him the literature book they were using that year, with the page marked to the offending passage.  She then suggested he  never step foot in her class-room again if he was that poorly educated.

So, he went back to his zero tolerance, making the school safe from parents who might want to file a lawsuit if their precious darling happened to be the victim of a terror attack.  He never did bother to check on a couple of the kids in his school who had serious behavioral problems.  Never fear, his crocodile tears were prolific when one of those young people committed suicide.

We can just about guarantee that the pot smoking young Barry Obama who was chilling out in the parking lot of his very exclusive prep school in Hawaii would no longer get a second chance.  Instead someone like that would be yet another statistic, advertising the joys and pleasures of zero tolerance.  That would bring on a lock-down while the local cops brought in drug dogs and sniffed down every locker and checked every single back-pack and handbag on the campus.

Remember, the courts have ruled that students have no rights.  The only right they have is to remain silent and to have their lives destroyed by those sniveling puddles of alleged humanity.

The average teacher is overworked.  They are under-paid.  Once they were “educators”.  Now they are baby-sitters for a bunch of spoiled brats who cannot be chastised let alone disciplined.  If they are disciplined, their parents come in and abuse the teacher.

Teachers have NO time for any extra work.  Their lives are now so programmed, lessons so planned in advance that there is absolutely no chance for them to do anything else, even an Obama supporter. Now Obama, in yet another tone deaf move, wants to add more work to the shoulders of these brave people.

It just proves how little the Obama Administration actually knows about what is really going on in our schools.  I was going to say they are tone-deaf but that requires a modicum of knowledge.   There is no knowledge.  They don’t know the law.  They don’t know their own regs. But, even worse – they obviously have no working knowledge about how a modern day classroom functions outside of Chicago or an ACORN project.

Perhaps instead of being repeatedly alarmed at the over-reach of Barack Obama and his court of Czars, we should simply be pointing to them and laughing.  The newly crowned emperor has no clothes.  He’s stark nakked (an old Southern expression for ‘up to no good’) exposed for all to see.  The over-reach from the DOE, distributing a hand-out telling over-worked and harassed teachers how to teach is simply icing on a cake that should be part of the old Rowan & Martin’s Laugh In wall.

Never in my life have I seen a leader so lacking in wisdom and common sense.  South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham conducted a meeting of health care professionals the other day.  He observed that Barack Obama had not one health care professional working on health care reform.  Perhaps, Lindsey suggested, we would be better off if we let the people who know something about the field write the reform bill.

Once again Obama has been exposed in his new clothes.  He’s stark nakked, his abject incompetence exposed for all to see. Unfortunately it’s just not that funny.

Suggesting that students examine their lives and their futures is a good idea.  It’s also a hollow idea.  Suggesting they give time and effort for community service is also a nice though.  Unfortunately many are already “required” to perform so many hours of community service to graduate.  No, they’re not criminals serving a jail sentence, they’re just high school students trying to graduate.  Community service, volunteer service, when demanded, is not volunteer.  It is like conscript.

Kids just don’t have time.  They are now so busy studying for tests to measure the achievement of their school administrator that they have no time for learning, or doing interesting projects, even if they are promoted by Obama’s administration.  They have no time to play, to laugh, to run and just be kids.  They have no time for recess, tag, or the silly things in life.  Instead, to make school administrators and districts look good, even the little ones must be sentenced to 8 hours of hard labor on a daily basis.

Now – you want to know why we have an epidemic of childhood obesity?

The answer is simple, and Barack Obama’s administration is helping to contribute to it.  Kids don’t have time to run and play.