Sarah Palin Vindicated – Andree McLeod Castigated!


Alaska’s state personnel board not only dismissed a appeals filed by constant complainer and Palin hater Andree McLeod but went on to castigate McLeod by saying it appears she has a personal vendetta against Palin!  In doing so, McLeod revealed herself to be rather unbalanced, combative, and a total crack-pot who has cost the state of Alaska close to a million dollars via her hate.

McLeod and her cronies should be forced to pay the costs of the investigations and make reparations to Sarah Palin.

“…At a meeting Wednesday, board member Al Tamagni called Andree McLeod a chronic complainer and said she appears to have a personal vendetta against Palin.

McLeod accused Tamagni of being complicit in what she called a culture of corruption, the Anchorage Daily News reported.

“For anyone to even criticize a person like myself who wants to file complaints and does so and then call me a serial complainer and then complain about the cost? What is the cost of corruption? What is the cost of the culture of corruption that you are now complicit in, of the Palin-Parnell administration? Can you answer that Al?” McLeod said….Tamagni told McLeod “it appears like you have a personal vendetta.” McLeod responded angrily, “How dare you. How dare you, Al.”

At one point, board chairwoman Debra English threatened to call security, saying McLeod was not acting professionally.

Tamagni said the board has represented the general public, followed the law and “spent a lot of taxpayer money, probably a little over a third of a million dollars or more. So I think we also have a responsibility to the taxpayers of this state.”

McLeod said she’s keeping government accountable and common sense shows that Palin’s personal interests have been kept above the state’s interests.

“It’s still going on by you guys defending it,” she said. “That’s a culture of corruption.”

Tamagni took offense to the inference that he’s corrupt.

“You’d better retract that because there’s complaints that could be filed against you too,” Tamagni said.

“A board member has now threatened me,” McLeod said. “Have at it.”…”

I gather McLeod, who once allegedly threatened her co-workers who were wearing attire McLeod though was too low cut and revealing, will be filling ethics complaints against the review board.


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  1. Andree should open a ANDREEPAC like Scarah did. You get free legal AND TRAVEL…you learn about chopsticks and alot of other really cool stuff.

    You dont even have hold political office, you just open a FACEBOOK and TWITTER account and voila!!!!As long as the evil liberal media will COVER it, you can say pretty much anything. Let God sort it out in the end!

    It also helps if you hire Tonya Harding as your ghost writer!!!
    TEAMSARAH ROCKS beacuse the rest of the American public hasn´t got a clue, ssssshhhh!!!

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