UPDATED: Was Hillary Targeted by Al Qaeda?


UPDATED:  I heard from Stacy who does the Secretary Clinton Blog.  Please read her comments at the bottom of the page.  She is very angry with me for what I’ve written.  I emailed and told her I would direct my readers to her comments.

I have yet to locate a retraction for the story – from anyone.  Stacy says that Hillary’s spokesman has denied the story.  That doesn’t work for me.   Philippe Reines DID NOT DENY the al Qaeda story. Hillary’s spokesman is denying the gossip about the problems she is having at State, and the possibility of her quitting.

SECOND UPDATE:  Stacy is now going to be writing for Blogcritics.  My new article about the incident in Kenya has just been posted.  I highly recommend her blog about Hillary Clinton.  She does a tremendous amount of research, and feels the same way about Hillary as I do Sarah Palin.

It is now 8:30PM.  I have yet to find a confirm or more importantly a denial.  But – another article has been written on the subject.


The following is a cautionary tale for this 8th anniversary of 9/11.

The Pink Flamingo spent much of Thursday working sources trying to confirm or debunk the story that Hillary Clinton was targeted by al Qaeda.  The more I worked the story, the more I am beginning to suspect that the tale might be true.  I also suspect that Hillary is doing some work against al Qaeda that might be ruffling some Obama Administration feather.

The unidentified blogger who allegedly maintains a Hillary Clinton blog says that the story about Hillary being threatened by Al Qaeda is not true.  Having spent some quality time, lately, with Obama-bots, I’m beginning to think the whole “it did not happen” thing is being promoted by Obama-bots.

You decide:

“…I covered this story on my blog and was initially concerned that there was no MSM coverage. Then I spoke to someone at ABC news and they said the reason the US and British media were not covering the alleged terror plot story was because all their inside sources said there was no truth to the story. With respect to the rumors about Hillary stepping down to run for Governor of NY- that is based on a one-sentence post on the Weekly Standard- not a single named source was used. Someone is just trying to stir up trouble and unfortunately, it ends up being a distraction for Hillary and takes the focus away from all the great work she is doing at the State Dept. In other words, these rumors end up hurting Hillary (in my opinion)…”

The problem is the story doesn’t seem to exist on her blog.  She also doesn’t seem to have the courage to give a name – just the fact that she is a Clinton fan.  She left the following comment on the BC article I did that was published today.

“…I spoke to Kirit Radio of ABC news about this and he told me that the reason it was getting no coverage in British or US media is because his sources at State told him there’s nothing to the story.

Also, with respect to the comment above about Hillary resigning to run for Governor- that is total nonsense- the rumor is based, literally, on a one-sentence blog post from the Weekly Standard the other day. There’s not a single named source for any of it.

This latest rumor is just a twist on the theme from about a month-and-a-half ago where rumors were going around saying there was a rift between Secy Clinton and Obama and that she has no power- a claim she personally rebutted.

Some people are so gullible.

Some people are just trying to stir up trouble…”

I know an ObamaBot when I see one.

Then this comment appeared:

“…the story is ignored in the west because it’s an obvious propaganda piece, intended for kenyan consumption & not really the west. try reading the daily nation on a regular basis wrt their coverage of affairs in somalia & you’ll catch on pretty quick. lots of deliberate fear-mongering about the situation in somalia being a threat to kenyan national security which helps justify kenya’s ongoing covert & increasingly more overt participation in the u.s. counter-revolutionary program in somalia.

doesn’t help that the u.s. program is ran out of nairobi & the usual alphabet agencies purposely play the local media like that.

and fyi – tales of al-qa’idah in somalia are part of the deception…”

That is a typical ObamaBot.  Why are they trying to stop the story?

You might also want to check out what Hillary is doing in Kenya-Somalia.  If she takes Obama on in 2012, she can humiliate him with her work there.

Someone does not want this story told – I think.

The big problem is the fact that the story was uncovered by one of the most respected reporters in Africa, Dennis Onsarigo.


13 thoughts on “UPDATED: Was Hillary Targeted by Al Qaeda?

  1. I have to say when I saw this link on my blog stats page and came over here, I was a bit surprised at the angry, suspicious tone with which you treat both my statements and what you perceive to be my underlying, nefarious agenda.

    I am the one who left the comment on your Blog Critics post (and over at Madame Secretary) about the alleged terror plot against Hillary and the rumor about Hillary running for governor. I’m sorry if I came across as snippy in my comment, but the rumor-mill is frustrating to me. And the reason I commented about it was because I don’t think it’s in Hillary’s best interest for her to have to deal with these distractions when what we should be focusing on is the great work she is doing[if you happen to be someone who believes that]. In fact, yesterday afternoon, her personal spokesman, Philippe Reines, issued a statement denying the rumor and it was pretty obvious the Clinton camp is getting tired of having to deal with all this unsubstantiated talk.

    Instead of getting suspicious and alluding to some Obot-inspired agenda, all you had to do was click on a few links and you could have had some of your suspicions and questions about me and where I was coming from with respect to what I wrote, answered.

    You say I “allegedly” run a Hillary Clinton blog but then you link to it. So, how is that “allegedly”. And as for my anonymity, I don’t plaster my name all over the blog just because at times, well, I don’t want some of the more hateful elements of John Q. Public having my info. As a blogger yourself, can you perhaps understand that? You post under SJ Reidhead here- I assume that is your real name, but it’s not so much identifying information that I could track you down without a bit of effort and I *totally* understand why bloggers sometimes retain some level of anonymity when blogging or even commenting on other sites.

    That said, I would say I am not really all that anonymous given that in the ‘About the Author” section of my blog, I link to an article I wrote for a website recently which has not only my full name, but also my bio (including that I blog over at Secy Clinton and what my other professions are). So, I don’t really think I am being cowardly. Sure, it would have taken you a total of three clicks to figure out my name, but still, you chose not to.

    Also, you could have clicked on “contact me” and asked me about any concerns you had and I would have been happy to tell you my name and where I was coming from with respect to what I wrote.

    Additionally, I most certainly did post about the alleged terror plot against the SOS the very day the story came out (I remember it was on a weekend) and I think you can tell from the post itself, had you bothered to read it, that I was, and continue to be, concerned about her safety. Yet you conclude that the story “doesn’t seem to exist on her blog”. Yet here it is:


    I have a search box on my blog which you could have quite easily used.

    Just to tell you where I was coming from when I posted my comments on several diff. sites- I continued to try to follow up on the story and like you, was initially concerned that there was a not so benign reason this story wasn’t in the American or British MSM- was it a cover-up, was it political or was it actually for security reasons? So I finally contacted Kirit Radia of ABC News and you know the rest.

    I have to admit to being a little surprised by your post here and with how negative and suspicious it is. It seems like you and I may have something in common in addition to being bloggers interested in politics- that we like and respect Hillary Clinton and that we seem to both believe the media didn’t give her a fair shake.

    Finally, am I an Obot? No. And honestly, I can’t stand that. I am a Hillary Clinton supporter who loves politics, loves political discussion and debate and I happen to be a progressive but I enjoy discussing things with people who have opposing views. I hardly think I’m the rather suspicious character you’ve made me out to be.

    Sorry for how long this comment is, but I did want to address some of the points you raised. I hope this clarifies things.



  2. Sorry if you did not like the tone. I don’t like people who don’t have the courage to use their full name for the world to see.

    I’ve been hit by Obamabot trolls to the point where I am suspicious of just about everyone. I can understand your frustration. I have a tremendous amount of respect for your devotion to Hillary. As a Palin supporter, trust me, you don’t know anything about being treated badly – try the way SP is treated.

    I’m a Republican. I acquired an admiration for her during the primaries, the way she conducted herself after the way Obama treated her. I think she is getting a raw deal and is being treated like dirt by him, even now. I am keeping my fingers crossed that she takes Obama on in 2012 in a primary. She will wipe the floor with him now – unless he does something else that is underhanded and nasty.

    I spent hours yesterday working on a BC post about the incident. I think something happened. The reporter who broke the story is one of the most respected investigative reporters in Africa. I am still waiting for the State Department to issue either a confirm or deny – officially. That such a plot would be in the works against her does not surprise me. Do you know what she is doing in Africa? The woman is a target. I also know – for a fact – that al Qaeda is in Kenya, is working out of Somalia, and is trying to be a major disruption.

    If this had happened to Condi Rice, the Bush Administration would be out in front – if the plot were exposed. One of my biggest complaints about GWB is he did not advertise the threats and the plots that were prevented. But – when forced, they would admit what was going on. I think Obama did not want this to come out this week – it would divert attention from health care, and expose how week he is on national security.

    As for the other rumors – we all know she’s not happy where she is. You can look at the body language between she and Obama and see how disgusted she is. The photos taken at the cabinet meeting the other day were most revealing. The very presence of Samantha Powers to baby-sit her is an insult. I don’t know how the woman soldiers on. I guess I keep hoping she will tell Obama to take the job and shove it, stand up for herself.

    The more I look into this, the more I think the story is true. ABC News is a crock. Newsweek isn’t going to do anything that would make Obama look bad. They’re not going to do anything to elevate Hillary and would lie to do it.

    You are standing up for her. So am I, and I don’t like her politics, but I think she is a remarkable woman who deserves better.

    What I don’t understand is why you are upset about the fact that she may have been a target, and the plot was foiled. Give the woman credit for being a leader. Where I question your motives is by denigrating the possibility that the story might have happened, and being so upset about it.

    Are you protecting Hillary or Obama’s incompetence?

    Doesn’t something about this whole story bother you? Did you check the background and the credibility of the person who exposed the alleged plot? I did. The guy is a hot shot journalist with excellent credentials. He is one of the top national security investigative journalists in Africa.

    Please read between the lines.

    I am going to do an update on the article, and direct people to your comments.

  3. Hi, thanks for the updates after my response, I’m glad we clarified things. Just a quick note- I realize that Clinton’s spokesman, Philippe Reines, did not retract or rebut the terror plot story but rather only the rumor about Hillary being interested in running for Governor. He is her personal spokesperson and not her State Dept spokesman so even if he had info. on the terror plot story, it is highly unlikely he would discuss that but refer it to the State Dept. spokesman. I’m sorry if I made it sound, either over at your post on BC or in an email to you, that he was denying both.

  4. I had to do a double take on what he said.

    I’m in the process of updating the post – again. Someone out of Tampa picked up the story – with additional information.


  5. In defense of both Stacy and Hillary Rodham Clinton I need to take issue with a few of your statements on this thread.

    1. To my knowledge, Stacy was the first blogger to put up the story about the plot against Hillary. She has thousands of followers and readers all over the world and is VERY loyal to Hillary. Her blog is dedicated entirely to Hillary and she does a phenomenal job of getting the information out to Hillary’s supporters on a daily basis. Most of the Hillary loyalists who are acquainted with this story read about it at Stacy’s blog first.

    2. “As for the other rumors – we all know she’s not happy where she is. You can look at the body language between she and Obama and see how disgusted she is. The photos taken at the cabinet meeting the other day were most revealing.”

    What? Arguably any picture can serve as a Thematic Apperception Test, but are we looking at the same Cabinet meeting pictures? The entire story about her being unhappy is an invention. She is happy, working hard, and has a long agenda of things she intends to do at State. She is awesome when she travels. She packs in both ministerial meetings and outreaches to the population. Hillary is quite settled at State and happy in her work.


    As for “body language, what about this?


    (And before you call ME an Obot, please look all the way through all of the archives of that last blog.

    3. “Do you know what she is doing in Africa?”

    Excuse me? If you took a look through Stacy’s blog, you would know that she did the job the mainstream media did NOT do in reporting about the Africa trip. I urge you to spend a little time there looking around before making comments like that.

    4. “As a Palin supporter, trust me, you ”
    don’t know anything about being treated badly – try the way SP is treated.”

    Oh, wow! Hillary supporters don’t know anything about being treated badly. Palin went through a few months of scrutiny and media attacks. Hillary Clinton has weathered this for many years! She has been called a murderer, a cheating wife (“even with women” – as I just saw it tweeted yesterday AGAIN), a thief, was gang-raped by the media and all the male primary contenders (encouraged by Tim Russert), and Keith Olbermann suggested someone “take her into a room and only he walks out.” Nasty comments were made about Hillary ANF+D about Chelsea when Chelsea was still a child. It was even said that Bill was not Chelsea’s father. I could go on. I think we Hillary loyalists do know a bit about being treated badly. We went all the way through Bill Clinton’s Presidency, Hillary’s time in the Senate, a build-up to the primaries and the primary season itself, and now through seven months of her hard work as Secretary of State watching her being mistreated. You Palin supporters are neophytes.

    *rant over*

  6. Stacy and I have used our differences to come to a “meeting of the minds”. We’ve used the disagreements as a building point for something concrete.

    We did a few emails back and forth about O-bots. If you are in my position, you don’t take anyone at face value until you get to now them. It is all caused by O-Bots and Ron Paul Bots. Sorry, but that’s life today.

    I think Obama has treated Hillary like dirt. Sorry, but that is my belief. One of Hillary’s personal strengths is an ability to put a best face forward and soldier on. That’s where I began to respect her – the way she has held her head high, where so many people would simply quit, or do something really stupid.

    Right now I’m more interested on the whole al Qaeda thing – and why nothing is being said here.

    Stacy is very fortunate to have someone like you to defend her.


  7. Thank you. Stacy and I are solid friends and solid Hillary loyalists. As such, we have done what Hillary has done and told US to do. We have turned a corner and put the past behind us.

    Yes, she soldiers on. But remember, SHE is the one who decided to go to the dangerous places (e.g. Goma) and to make the very candid comments about corruption in both Kenya and Nigeria to the faces of the very men she was speaking about. She is very courageous. I am proud of her and grateful for her service. We are lucky to have her.

    And believe me, I know all about Obots. You are not the only one acquainted with their tactics. True Obots have no link between mind and mouth. They are automatons and programmed with talking points. They also have earplugs in and shout you down while you are trying to speak. I have LIVED with that.

  8. I LOVE IT:
    “…And believe me, I know all about Obots. You are not the only one acquainted with their tactics. True Obots have no link between mind and mouth. They are automatons and programmed with talking points. They also have earplugs in and shout you down while you are trying to speak. I have LIVED with that…”

    You can ditto that with Ron Paul Bots!


  9. OMG! LOL! I have very little experience with the RPbots. They can be funny, though. They are the ones who put up that fake Obama forum that so many people thought was real. It had sub-forums like:
    *banned members can post here
    *report your parents
    It’s very funny and complex.

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