Why Is Lindsey Graham Denigrated by Conservatives


The far right loves to denigrate Lindsey Graham.  I think the main reason is because he refuses to be bullied by them and does not scrape and bow to them the way the junior senator from SC does.

Lindsey has a lifetime 89.90 something ACU rating, higher than Fred Thompson, higher than Rick Santorum.

Isn’t supporting our troops and trying to keep this nation secure conservative?

He, John McCain and Joe Lieberman authored an op-ed for the WSJ:

“...We went to war there because the 9/11 attacks were a direct consequence of the safe haven given to al Qaeda in that country under the Taliban. We remain at war because a resurgent Taliban, still allied with al Qaeda, is trying to restore its brutal regime and re-establish that country as a terrorist safe haven.

It remains a clear, vital national interest of the United States to prevent this from happening. Yet an increasing number of commentators, including some of the very same individuals who opposed the surge in Iraq and called for withdrawal there, now declare Afghanistan essentially unwinnable. Had their view prevailed with respect to Iraq in 2006 and 2007, the consequences of our failure there would have been catastrophic.

Similarly, the ramifications of an American defeat in Afghanistan would not only be a devastating setback for our nation in what is now the central front in the global war on terror, but would inevitably further destabilize neighboring, nuclear Pakistan. Those who advocate such a course were wrong about Iraq, and they are wrong about Afghanistan.

The growing calls for withdrawal reflect, more than anything, our failure to show progress in the war. After eight years of fighting, the American people see rising casualties and no sign that the tide is turning in our direction….”

Isn’t service in the military a conservative thing to do?

You can tell the difference between a Republican and a Democrat in the size of the location where their townhalls were held.  Lindsey just finished one in a huge arena.  Maybe 400 people showed up.  In other places, there may be 400 seats for several thousand people to show.  People in SC know that Lindsey is going to represent their interests.

“…“I’m a free market guy with a heart,” said Graham, a Republican, easily combining concepts many would find mutually exclusive. That was just the beginning, as Graham — using simple language and a lot of downhome stories about his hardscrabble upbringing where government handouts helped his struggling family —explained for almost two hours his complex political views on equally complex political issues….”

Would someone please tell me how the following is not conservative:

“...President Barack Obama? His health care plan is full of “phony baloney” and the public option (a government-run insurance program that would compete with private insurance companies) is “dead,” the Republican senator said to applause.

But do you want — like Obama — make the rich pay their fair share for any new health care program? So does Graham. People who make Graham’s income ($170,000) and more should pay more for government-subsidized health plans, like Medicare B, the senator said to somewhat less applause.

Want to stay in Afghanistan, increase our presence and loosen rules of engagement so Americans can fight the Taliban better? So does Graham.

Don’t like private insurance companies? Graham would put the squeeze on them. He would make them cover every American and not be able to turn down someone for a preexisting condition….”

Lindsey proposes that medicare be privatized by insurance!

There is this myth that Lindsey is not conservative.  In Charleston at a town hall, there were those who complained that Lindsey is not a Republican.

“…But as the meeting broke up, little skirmishes broke out. Marvin Nochowitz from Charleston told me he wanted to ask the senators, “How are they going to take the Republican Party back?” Nochowitz, 63, said he wanted to hear them say they didn’t believe in the “birther” movement and death panels and the GOP “being led by Rush Limbaugh.”

“You’re not a Republican,” shouted Jim Moring, a self-employed Charleston businessman who overheard the interview. (Actually Nochowitz isn’t, but his wife is.) Moring said neither McCain nor Graham is conservative enough for him. Graham lost him when he voted to confirm Judge Sonia Sotomayor (“not a good choice”) for the Supreme Court. And though Moring believes the president is a citizen, he said the “birthers” have a right to speak. If Obama thought their claims have no legitimacy, “Why didn’t he come out with his birth certificate?” he asked….”