UPDATED: The Hillary Story – The Obama – Odinga Connection?


UPDATE:  Like an onion, the more you peel, the more you find.  There is so much to this story!

Would someone like to take a chance explaining why the Obama Administration and the State Department have YET to confirm or deny the story that Hillary Clinton was the subject to an al Qaeda plot last month in Kenya?

What would have happened to Obama’s plans for this week if an attack and been revealed?

There could be a very good reason we’re NEVER going to hear about this – and it has to do with Kenyan PM Raila Odinga, Barack Obama’s Kenyan  cousin!

The most interesting part of all of this is the fact that I’ve met some very nice Hillary bloggers.  Yesterday I linked to Stacy’s Madam Secretary Blog.  Today, I’m linking you Still4Hill’s  Dept. of Homegirl Security and her article.  We need to face the fact that other than the various Hillary blogs,  The Pink Flamingo and my 2 Blog Critics articles, no one in the US is really covering the story.

You can find all the previous information on yesterday’s post, including all the necessary links to BC, etc.

That all changed today when it was Kyle Bennett with the Tampa Examiner picked up the story and added to it.

“…The US government, in cooperation with the press corps, often downplay or refuse to cover stories for many reasons. Normally if it involves a high profile politician like a Cabinet member (or a Clinton at all) these stories are scrubbed clean or suppressed completely to keep them from overshadowing what is seen as the “more important” message surrounding the events. For example, Secretary Clinton was in Kenya chiefly addressing violence against women; to have her — a woman — nearly assassinated while vowing to “banish sexual violence agaisnt women” would more than likely send the wrong message. An assassination attempt could also cast undue doubts and attention on an already tense foreign policy drive….”

I have another theory that is part of Bennett’s version.

If the Obama Administration were to acknowledge the attempt on Hillary’s life – this week – it would take Health Care Reform off the radar.  Is it possible Obama decided to go on the air with his “You Lie” speech Wednesday night to knock the the story of the Secretary of State of the United States being the target of an al Qaeda assisination plot out of the picture?

The basic announcement came out early this week – the week of the 8th anniversary of 9/11.


Just the fact that an alleged plot (and I still think something happened) would be announced the week of 9/11 is significant.  If it were to be covered by the international press, it would seriously damage Obama’s pathetic handling of al Qaeda and his Administration’s refusal to acknowledge that we are in deep do-do with them.

Even more – it would add gravitas to Hillary Clinton’s international cache, and make Obama look like the pathetic failure he is.

Parts of Kenya  have become a hot-bead of Islamic activity.

“…”We all know it’s happening,” one diplomat in Nairobi says, adding that the Kenyan government is unable or unwilling to stop it. The border may be officially closed, but even Mutua admits people are able to sneak through.

But sources say the Kenyan government is beginning to take the threat more seriously. “They are panicking,” the diplomat says. “They were not doing their best. Now the threat to Kenya is higher than ever. They have to do something.”

It seems the government is starting to feel that way, too. But it remains divided. Prime Minister Raila Odinga and Foreign Minister Moses Wetangula have called for sending in troops, as Ethiopia had done, to defend the Somali government.

“It will be most inappropriate and inadvisable to do nothing when our national security and regional stability is threatened,” Mr. Wetangula said recently….”

An announcement, this week, of a terror plot foiled would expose Emperor Obama’s New Clothing as nothing but nikkedness.

Barack Obama is related to Raila Odinga.

“...His oldest son, Fidel, is named after Fidel Castro. In a January 2008 BBC interview, Odinga asserted that he was the first cousin of U.S. president Barack Obama through Obama’s father. However, Barack Obama’s paternal  uncle denied any direct relation to Odinga, stating “Odinga’s mother came from this area, so it is normal for us to talk about cousins. But he is not a blood relative.”Obama’s father came from the same Luo community as Odinga..”

I think the answer is the fact that if the Obama Administration were to admit that Hillary Clinton was the target of Islamic terrorists in Kenya, then someone might start investing Obama’s relationship with Raila Odinga.  Barack Obama’s ties to Odinga run deep.

“…”He has called me to talk about the destabilising constitutional crisis in this country, despite being in the middle of the very busy New Hampshire primary,” Mr Odinga said yesterday. Mr Obama’s spokesman Robert Gibbs confirmed that the senator spoke to the Kenyan opposition leader on Monday afternoon for about five minutes before going into a rally in New Hampshire, according to Associated Press. The Democrat would-be presidential candidate is also understood to have tried to speak to President Mwai Kibaki, whose victory in December 27 elections has been widely questioned….”

I’m not going to get into the Islamic question with Odinga.  I don’t trust the sources.  It all goes into some of the conspiricy stories about Obama.  Instead, let’s just look at a few of the facts here.

If Barack Obama’s Administration on the anniversary of 9/11 were to admit that al Qaeda had attempted to assassinate Hillary Clinton, they would be admitting a major foreign policy defeat – and look like the incompetents that they are.  We The People believe Republicans can best protect the nation from terror.  If, on the week of the 8th anniversary of 9/11 Barack Obama were to admit that the War on Terror was more than an Overseas Contingency Operation it will be disastrous.

If Barack Obama were to admit that there is a War on Terror, then he would be forced to admit that George W. Bush was right.

If George W. Bush was right, then John McCain and the drooling idiot Sarah Palin are right.

If they are right, then Barack Obama is wrong – and the MSM has crucified the wrong man.

Obama’s foreign policy (minus the work Hillary is doing on al Qaeda) will fold like a house of cards. George W. Bush will be vindicated and Barack Obama will no longer have him to kick around.

If the attempt on Hillary’s life did occurr, and Obama’s Administration can be revealed as having covered up the information, and the MSM is involved in ignoring it, Hillary Clinton may have the 2012 nomination given to her on a silver platter.

Remember:  It’s the cover-up that gets you.

I can’t think of any greater punishment to force upon the MSM.  They could be forced (sooner than we expect) to admit that George W. Bush was right and their tin god is made of transparent plastic.


2 thoughts on “UPDATED: The Hillary Story – The Obama – Odinga Connection?

  1. When I posted this http://departmentofhomegirlsecurity.wordpress.com/2009/08/08/hillary-rodham-clinton-undercovered-international-woman-of-mystery/
    I stopped short of identifying Odinga as a cousin of Obama’s since that relationship has been denied. He is, however, a Luo, a member of Obama’s father’s tribe and from the same village as Obama’s father. I enter this information aware that there is a certain evident hostility Obama betrays with regard to his father. He does not necessarily line up with his father’s people.

    As a Senator, however, he did campaign for Odinga. So whatever the relationship, Odinga was endorsed by Obama.

    In my post, I refrained from naming Odinga as one of the men Hillary was referring to. She did not specify, so neither will I.

    In my gut, however, I do think he was as much a target as any other who were party to the massacres following the December, 2007 elections in Kenya. She was most brave in her remarks. I am glad she got out of Kenya alive. I love her with all my heart,

  2. Last week was a historic week for many reasons. Not least of them for the fact that Judge Carter from California has moved forward with Discovery Hearings on Obama’s Eligibility. This is scheduled for October 5, 2009.

    Many of us do love Hillary but have been disturbed by the many unsavory stories about the Clintons out there. (i.e. “Path to 911” and “Hillary – The Movie”.)

    However, it is Sarah Palin that really shines at the moment. With a single blog, she was able to bring the ‘death panel’ or ‘end of life provisions’ dropped from the Senate’s Healthcare Bill and the government-run option is officially dead.

    If Obama is exposed as the fraud that he is and is determined to be a usurper, then Biden will be just as illegitimate and his selection as successor will not be valid.

    So does that mean that Nancy Pelosi is next in line? Thankfully not! You see, she may have to explain why she signed two (2) different ‘DNC Certifications of Nomination’ for Obama – one (1) with the required reference to the Constitution for the State of Hawaii, and forty-nine (49) others without mention of the Constitution for the rest of the states.

    The fact that John McCain has chosen to play the patsy for Obama is disappointing. Instead of doing what Joe Wilson did (i.e. courageously calling a liar a liar.), which is what one would expect from a Patriot and a War Hero, he prefers to stay on the sidelines where it is politically safe.

    Sarah Palin is the only one with her credibility and integrity intact at this point. No one questions her patriotism or love for this country. Obama’s divided loyalty is fully documented by now: Campaigning for Raila Odinga in Kenya, bowing down to the Saudi King, sending millions of taxpayer dollars to the Palestinians, etc., etc.)

    There are plenty of women with honor and integrity working on our behalf: Orly Taitz and Michele Bachmann to name a couple. It is a little more difficult to single out a man that is doing the same. Even Glenn Beck seems incapable of (or has been forbidden from) discussing the Obama eligibility case in California.

    Thank God we have these wonderful women and the Internet on our side. Maybe we should stop tearing them down and getting things in perspective: The differences between Obama and Palin are huge. I genuinely respect, trust, and admire Sarah Palin. How many of you are willing to say that about Obama at this point?

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