Is Harry Teague in Trouble?


There are 54 new Dems in the House who were elected in 2008.  They were elected in stats that The One (incompetent) carried, but in districts John McCain won.

They are the target.

Evidently the one Democrat in the most trouble is NM’s 2nd District liberal in moderate’s clothing, Harry Teague!

“…One Democrat most affected is New Mexico Democrat Harry Teague. His district, which McCain carried last year, is one of the largest oil and gas producing areas in the country, and Teague has faced angry crowds back home ever since voting yes. Teague will face Republican Steve Pearce, who held the seat for three terms before giving it up to run unsuccessfully for the Senate last year….”


One thought on “Is Harry Teague in Trouble?

  1. Teague isn’t the only one in trouble. As long as these guys cling to the Obama vision of government, they are in trouble.

    The Chosen One should have the economy in complete stalemate by this time next year. Even Dick Morris is now saying that a GOP takeover of the House is a possibility.

    Obama is too slick for his or his party’s own good.

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