The Man Who Could Destroy America


There is a demigod stalking the GOP to destroy it.

The demigod is not Barack Obama.

The demigod is someone who will enable Brack Obama to consolidate his strangle-hold on America in 2010.

We are currently being force-fed a litany of populism that, if not moderated, will doom any hope of turning either the House or the Senate in 2010.

Populism is a loser, historically.

The Tea Party movement started as a great idea.  It still is.

The problem is the fact that it has been co-opted by Libertarians. They are turning quite nasty, and treating Republicans with as much respect and honor as the worst of the Daily Kos or Huffy Post hard-liners. Like Sam Tanenhaus says, there are no remaining  conservative intellects.  There is no intellectual and historical balance the idiocy and extremism of the far right and libertarian populism.

There are no William F. Buckleys.

There are only historically challenged pseudo intellects who take the writings of Buckley and twist them into something unrecognizable.  Then the demigod will take what he/she doesn’t comprehend, mutilate it and feed it to historically ignorant stupid followers who are so caught up in the moment that they fail to see they are being sucked into a vortex of intellectual dishonesty.

It starts with a half truth, a quarter truth, or even two-thirds truth. Add a dash of hyperbole and a little bit of paranoia and you have a full blown movement.

People are upset.

They are frightened.

The country we all know and love is being turned upside down by a classic narcissist who will manipulate anything or anyone to come out on top.

We are now “ruled” by a group of men and women who are interested only in their own power.

The time is ripe for a demigod to emerge.

And – he has.

He attacks, reticules, and lacks the intellectual honesty to admit that he has an agenda.  He is good.  Washington is bad.  Republicans are bad.  Democrats are bad.  The only good people are those who are out in the wilderness wondering around, looking for a leader, a rudder, someone to empower and enfranchise them.

Going to a townhall meeting is one thing – marching – demonstrating is another.

What sort of mentality must congregate in a massive march?

What sort of a mind-set takes a bus with a group of people to do this?

What sort of a person would manipulate these people, who are begging for a leader who will full-fill their requirements?

Rush Limbaugh, today, did the greatest service he could do to his nation.  He did  his very best to dissuade the Tea Party masses who are crying out for a leader, while claiming they do not have a leader.  They darn well do.  His name is Glenn Beck.

If we are not careful, if these people are allowed to infect others with their populism and their damning of the Republican Party, which they get from Beck, we are going to be unable to recapture the House in 2010.  If this happens, just kiss our country good-by.

Rush is a responsible American, insisting today that third party populism is a total lower and a way to insure a Democratic victory.

Is that what Beck wants?

Instead of damning the GOP, Beck should be promoting it.

Instead of damning some very good elected men and women, Beck should be promoting them, and we’re not just talking about a chosen few.

This is so sad.

The event on Saturday was not sponsored by Libertarians.  It was a product of Steve Forbes – Republican.


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  1. You don’t watch Beck but you love to complain about him. Rush said yesterday, the only reason he didn’t push for the march was “they” would make him the center of it and he didn’t want to take the focus and put it on him. Yeah well, he now says they (we) should march on the tv stations. Mark Levin, stayed away from promoting the march but was very glad it happened…Beck is the only one that is getting the Right, the middle and the uninformed libs to fight back on this communist President and all his Union peps. Get on the team or move out of the way.

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