Yet Another Version of America As Evil


According to Whitley Streiber, aliens will contact China, but not the US.


Because we’re so darn mean!

We have an evil military and won’t hesitate to blow them to you know what.

You’re darn right!

I don’t know about you, but I’m getting sick and tired of liberals trashing our country, even the idiot ones.

“…Recently, the amount of UFO activity in China has been very high, and so far the Chinese government has not reacted in a hostile manner, nor has the local scientific culture rejected the phenomenon with the same energy that western science has rejected it.

This makes a fruitful ground for possible first contact. What is needed are three things: 1. A government that is neutral or open to the possibility; 2. A population that is unwilling and/or unable to react violently; 3. A scientific establishment that is not too arrogant to take advantage of the knowledge on offer.

Unfortunately, none of these three conditions are present in the US, and the western countries where they are present, such as France, which fulfills the first two criteria but not the third, are physically too close to American airbases to guarantee safety.

Other countries, like Mexico, where all three criteria are fulfilled, do not have a robust enough scientific infrastructure to take advantage of what will be an extraordinary leap ahead in scientific knowledge.

The Chinese do posses such an infrastructure in the form of excellent laboratories and a highly organized and well educated scientific establishment. Therefore, they will hopefully be able to make some of the crucial, and very challenging connections that are going to be necessary to achieve even a basic understanding of the true potential that is on offer from the visitors.

Of course, if it does appear that contact may start to unfold in China, the US will certainly try to convince the Chinese government to respond militarily, and the western media will be enlisted to try to make the Chinese look like fools. In Chinese culture, loss of face is a sensitive matter, and this approach to derailing contact may be effective.

If it is not, however, and contact does unfold, China will experience a tremendous leap ahead technologically, that will make it a nation without parallel in the world, far more important to the human future than any country has ever been before….”