The Al Qaeda Plot Against Hillary Clinton?


NOTE:  The following is the text of an article I did the other day for Blog Critics.  The article was picked up by The Examiner, with additional information.

To date neither the White House nor the State Department has yet to confirm or deny the alShabab backed al Qaeda plot to kill Hillary Clinton when she was in Kenya.


“…Helicopter-borne US special forces carried out a revenge raid in Somalia that killed a top al-Qaida commander high on the FBI’s most wanted terrorist list, US officials in Washington said last night.

Saleh Ali Nabhan, 28, a leader of al-Shabab, a group closely linked to al-Qaida, was alleged to have been involved in the bombings of US embassies in Kenya and Tanzania in 1998 that killed 229 people. He is also accused of involvement in attacks in 2002 on a hotel in Mombasa, Kenya, popular with Israelis, in which 15 people died, and a botched missile attack on a plane carrying tourists from Mombasa to Israel.

A US official said two men travelling in a car in Somalia were killed when helicopters opened fire yesterday, and two others were wounded and captured. Another official said it was most likely that Nabhan, who had been on the FBI wanted list for several years, had been killed….”

You want to tell me the above isn’t related to the plot to kill Hillary?


The State Department has yet to confirm or deny Dennis Onsarigo’s NTV report that al Qaeda was planning to blow up the InterContinental Hotel in Nairobi while Hillary Clinton was staying there.

After my original article, Why Is the Media Ignoring the Al Qaeda Plot to Kill Hillary Clinton was published on Blogcritics, additional information about the situation with Hillary Clinton, al Qaeda, and questions about the validity of the story have come to light.

Was there a plot to kill Hillary Clinton when she was in Kenya in August?  To date, no one from Hillary Clinton’s office, or the Obama Administration has either confirmed or denied the report.


The Obama Administration appears to want the nation to think we are no longer threatened by Al Qaeda.  If the terror organization is “dying” then the Administration can return misc. captured terrorists back to their home countries.  Unfortunately, in certain portions of Africa and the Middle East al Qaeda is having something of a renaissance.

On September 11, 2001 al Qaeda announced their hatred of the United States in a dramatic way that resulted in George W. Bush waging a War on Terror. He spent his entire Presidency fighting al  Qaeda, ignoring his critics and sacrificing his popularity.

When Barack Obama assumed office, his Administration quickly informed the nation that we are no longer fighting the War on Terror, but Overseas Contingency Operations. While Obama appears to be fighting the good war against al Qaeda in Afghanistan, his Attorney General, Eric Holder is waging a war against the CIA and appears to be allowing the ACLU to run wild at Guantanamo.

In the UK, once the strongest of our allies, Gordon Brown appears to have never met a hard-line Islamic extremist he has never met.  The UK appears to be sacrificing one of the oldest cultures in the world to placate practitioners of a religion that openly seeks to infiltrate and degrade every aspect of English life.

If one were to take at face value those two things, it appears that the Overseas Contingency Operation, formerly known as the War on Terror is winding down and al Qaeda is no longer the threat it once was.

Conversely, Hillary Clinton, in her roll as Secretary of State is quietly agitating against al Qaeda, often taking the battle to the very backyard of the enemy.  Clinton is working with Somalia president, Sheikh Sharif to try and prevent the country from becoming yet another nation ruled by al Qaeda.  Islamists are also threatening the country of Kenya.


Al-Shabaab (Mujahideen Youth Movement) is active in Kenya and Somalia.

The FBI is currently investigating what appears to be a major recruiting drive within the United States by the group.  The Somali immigrants who disappeared in Minneapolis were members of the group.  According to CNN three of those men have recently been killed in Somalia, one being a suicide bomber.

Australia has recently arrested 4 members of Al-Shabaab who were planning a suicide attack on a military base in Victoria.

CIA Director, Leon Panetta is very concerned about the group, and the fact that the entire Kenya-Somalia region is a breeding ground for fleeing members of Al Qaeda.

(According to a source with first person information, several years ago, al Qaeda was infiltrating the country from Somalia by going into the refugee camps, once again terrorizing the Sudanese who had fled to Kenya to escape their murderous activities.)


The key to the validity of the report is a highly respected NTV reporter, Dennis Onsarigo.  The original version of the plot was part of an expose uncovered by Onsarigo and aired on NTV.  Onsarigo is one of the top national security journalists in Africa, with excellent credentials.  He has exposed murderous gang violence, horrific airline crashes and a number of national security issues within Kenya.

The importance of Onsarigo is the fact that he has the contacts necessary to uncover a plot against the Secretary of State.  He is also professional enough to wait to air such a report after confirming it with several sources. It is entirely possible Dennis Onsarigo has uncovered something the Obama Administration is not ready to admit.

There could be a number of reasons the Administration might not want such a plot against Hillary Clinton revealed at this time.  Clinton is involved in some delicate diplomatic two-stepping in Africa.  It appears she is taking the al Qaeda threat seriously and does not wish to reveal the fact that she was targeted.

If she was targeted and Onsarigo revealed the story, the Obama Administration did not react fast enough.  If it is true, they should be all over it, condemning the terrorists and thanking the security forces who prevented a horrific incident. No matter how one feels about Hillary Clinton, as the Secretary of State, a former US Senator, and the former First Lady of the United States, she deserves a tremendous amount of respect and consideration.  To ignore a threat, if it occured reflects badly on the Obama Administration.

There is one final consideration.  If Hillary Clinton is indeed planning to take Barack Obama on in 2012, the attempt on her life, and the diplomacy she is undertaking against al Qaeda is only going to help her.  The very fact that it occurred in Kenya, the home of Obama’s father and his family does not help Obama’s image, but builds up hers.

Why has the State Department yet to confirm or deny the story? If there were no truth to it, a quick denial would solve the whole problem.  By not denying the story, it gives the tale a life of its own.

This takes me back to my original question.

Why isn’t the America media covering the tale, to either confirm or debunk it?


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