The Great Las Cruces Thunderbird Mystery


I’ve finally found a good New Mexico story.  You realize some things happen only in New Mexico.  That could be the fact that NM is a different sort of place, then again it could simply be the amount of adult beverages packed away on a nightly basis.  I have a tendency to think it is the latter.

Now this, though.

It is a good read!

“…”In comparison a 20 foot wingspan would truly be a monster and something undocumented by science,” cryptozoologist Ken Gerhard said. “I believe what Dave Zander may have seen are surviving teratorns.”

Gerhard has made a career studying prehistoric birds.

“What’s interesting the reports of these giant raptor-like birds to continue into modern times,” he said. “We seem to have a large concentration of them here in the Southwest particularly in the Rio Grande Valley of Texas as well as New Mexico and parts of Arizona.”

Gerhard documented many of these strange reports from all over the globe in the book “Big birds! Modern sightings of flying monsters.”

The book includes sightings in different clusters over the past 30 years.

In 1972 in Maxwell in northeastern New Mexico, Ronald Monteleone of Trinidad, Colo., reported what he thought was a pterodactyl flying out of an arroyo….”