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Pink Flamingo friend and confidant Sally Vee sent this to me.  Sally has some very good friends in Hondorus and is keeping up with the situation there.  She forwarded a copy of a petition that is go to to Barack Obama.

“….To:  President Obama
President Obama

The undersigned strongly request that you give your support to the democratic government of Honduras, i.e., the current President Roberto Micheletti, and withdraw US support from the attempted coup, that is, the violation of the Honduran Constitution by the deposed ex-president Manuel Zelaya. By this action you will give US support to the overwhelming will of the people of Honduras and to respect for the Honduran Constitution.

It is true that Zelaya was forced to leave the country by the military, but this was not a coup, when the military were acting on direct orders of the Honduran supreme court, with overwhelming approval of the congress, including Zelaya’s own party. And the reason for this expulsion, bolstered by his extreme unpopularity with the people of Honduras, was Zelaya’s attempt to override the constitution to be reelected, in the manner of and with massive aid from Venezuela’s Hugo Chavez, a master of manipulation of elections. Now Chavez is supplying $6,000,000 and the full force of his influence towards returning Zelaya to power, against the overwhelming will of the Honduran people. Mr. Chavez is already talking about invasion and imposing his will by force in Honduras, when interim President Micheletti is advocating the earliest possible elections for a presidency he does not wish to hold.

Do not support Hugo Chavez and the subversion of democracy, Mr. President. In this instance, the powers of oppression and of oligarchy are represented by Mr. Chavez. President Obama, support the small and poor but upright democracy of Honduras. In this you will support the interests of the people of Honduras and of the world.



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