Give Harry Teague Credit…


“…I didn’t come to Congress to continue playing the same political games…What Congressman Wilson did was wrong and just plain childish behavior, but the House of Representatives doesn’t need to stop what it is doing to reprimand him. I’d much rather have Congress spend time on getting our economy back on track, addressing our energy challenges or advancing legislation to help our nation’s veterans.”…”  Harry Teague

Harry Teague did something very good the other day. He voted against the Democratic machine in the House. He did not vote to “disapprove” Joe Wilson.

“…U.S. Representative Harry Teague was one of just 12 Democrats to vote against a motion of disapproval against U.S. Representative Joe Wilson, R-S.C., for Wilson’s outburst of “You Lie!” during President Barack Obama’s address on healthcare to a joint session of Congress. The motion passed 240-179 on a mostly party-line vote.

Seven Republicans voted with the Democrats and five Democrats voted “present” in addition to the aforementioned 12 Democrats who voted with the Republicans.

Those who voted against their party were a varied crew; while Dennis Kucinich, D-Ohio, and Jeff Flake, R-Ariz., being on the opposite side of a vote is not a surprise, Flake voting with the Democratic majority and Kucinich voting with the Republican majority is not normal (VoteView ranks Kucinich as the fifth most liberal member of the House and Flake as the fourth most conservative).

U.S. Representatives Martin Heinrich and Ben Ray Lujan, both Democrats, voted for the motion of disapproval….”