The Rise of the Democratic Bully


This is one of those posts I’ve played with, edited, deleted, and rewritten over a period of two weeks, collecting material quite frequently. Perhaps the word “bully” is over-used.  In the case of Democrats it has several different meanings.  Democrats and their flunkies bully for two reasons – first to intimidate, harass, and discourage.  Secondly, they bully because they are out of ideas.  They can only win by harassment, intimidation, and discouragement.

Joe Wilson is just the latest example of the out of control Democrat bully problem. They are now trying to destroy him.  It’s the same thing that happened to Sarah Palin.  They do nasty things to Lindsey.  They go after Michelle Bachmann.  The bottom line – if you do something they don’t like, they try and destroy you.  Someone from the WH had a very nasty thing to say.  They’re trying to turn him into a caffeine popping monster.

It’s war.

So – Nancy Pelosi wants Wilson censured, if he doesn’t apologize – again.  Yet, Charlie Rangle gets off without nary a comment.

Pelosi is also afraid the right wing racists (that’s you and me) are going to become violent.  What she is really doing is threatening us.  Makes you wonder what the Dems are up to, doesn’t it?

Some idiot called in a bomb threat at Freedom Works main office about the time the Tea Party headed into town.  Do you wonder which little nut fell from the big ACORN tree?

Haven’t you wondered what the Left was going to try after they managed to make Sarah Palin’s life a living hell?  Were they going to stop at elected leaders?  Heck no.  It was only a matter of time before they would decide to destroy anyone who dared criticize them.

It all began when Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin single-handedly destroyed the saintly and well educated Van Jones.  Now Olbermann wants people to dig up every piece of dirt they can.  But – he’s now backing down, the sniveling little coward.

“…”I don’t know why I’ve got this phrasing in my head, but: Find everything you can about Glenn Beck, Stu Burguiere, and Roger Ailes,” Olbermann wrote. “No, even now, I refuse to go all caps. No, sending me links to the last two Countdowns with my own de-constructions of his biblical vision quality Communist/Fascist/Socialist/Zimbalist art at Rockefeller Center (where, curiously, he works, Comrade) doesn’t count. Nor does sending me links to specious inappropriate point-underscoring prove-you’re-innocent made-up rumors….”

Liberals need to be pro-active.  Conservatives have, according to FOX, taken over the blogsphere.  What’s a poor liberal to do?

Well they just accuse someone of being a racist or a terrorist, and that’s that.

Obama’s speech on Wednesday to a Joint Session of Congress was the most disgusting thing I’ve ever seen. The man was an embarrassment, a humiliation, and a disaster.

Stop the ACLU notes that late Friday night the White House admitted Joe Wilson was right. Obama thinks it is a corsening of debate. I guess it’s because he was caught lying.

Dems want Wilson to apologize – or else. Will they demand Obama apologize for the lies he tells. Then again if Obama opens his mouth he lies. They want Wilson to apologize again.

“…Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., said he wanted to “see this matter end.”
“Joe’s a good man. He made a mistake,” Graham said. “Don’t give up on fighting health care. But what he said was inappropriate. This needs to come to the end for the good of Joe, South Carolina and the country. I’ll leave it up to his good counsel as to what to do next.”..”

When does Obama apologize to the American people for the lies he has told?

We’re being told in the media that there is an over-whelming drive for people to cancel their visits to SC, citing Wilson’s rudeness as a reason. This is just plain strange, but then certain groups love to boycott South Carolina.

“…In a new USA Today/Gallup poll, 68 percent of Americans said they “oppose what Joe Wilson did during the speech.” Twenty-one percent said they support Wilson’s behavior. Marion Edmonds, a spokesman for the S.C. Department of Parks, Recreation and Tourism, said his agency had received 147 e-mails from people who cited Wilson by name and expressed displeasure with his shout-out. “Some of them have been specific and said they won’t be coming to the beach this summer for their family vacation,” Edmonds said. “There are some that mention Myrtle Beach, there are some that mention North Myrtle Beach, there are some that mention Charleston, there are some that mention Hilton Head.” South Carolina’s $1 billion-plus tourism industry, centered around its beaches, had already been hit by the recession as Americans postpone vacations or cancel travel altogether…”


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  1. Funny, there has been a Boycott of SC since 1999. No one is suppose to come, here, stop here, buy any thing here etc. according to the NAACP. In the early 2000’s they had people at the boarders telling people to turn around. Guess they forgot they weren’t supposed to come here in the first place.

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