How Fake Glenn Beck, Ron Paul “Libertarians” Are Trying to Destroy the GOP


NOTE: This is NOT a critique nor criticism of actual Libertarian Republicans who are basically anti-big government, anti-tax fairly moderate and rational individuals currently chaired by Dave Nalle.

Nor is it a criticism of actual Libertarians, who have nothing to do with this current brand of independent stupidity.

It should not be misconstrued as a criticism of “true” Libertarians.  The old fashioned, true believer Libertarians I’ve known appear to have absolutely nothing to do with the “conservative” Ron Paul version of Libertarian.  Old fashioned Libertarians were left-over hippies, former stoners, and were all about the legalization of marijuana.  Some were very pro gun.  Then there were the anti-military former Dems who felt the Democratic party was no longer liberal enough.

It was not about culture.  It was not about Ron Paul.  It was not about “the Constitution”.  They were not about denigrating various politician.  It was all about NOT being involved, not getting one’s political act together, and tilting at wind-mills.  Their cause was romantic.  They had a few good ideas, but a true Libertarian is so akin to an anarchist that the very act of attending a political meeting, a national convention, or actively promoting a candidate or agenda is simply not possible.

Any resemblance to the intolerant, bigoted (politically bigoted) bunch of lying, Ron Paul loving, Glenn Beck swilling, Robert Stacy McCain  holier than thou sore-heads some of whom are advocating the violent overthrow of various elected officials  who don’t agree with their extremism, is purely coincidental.  They are now reaching the point where some of them are advocating a second revolution, civil war, and the actual lynching of politicians who do not agree to their emotional black-mail, both Democrats and Republicans.

(Dirty little secret:  The WTimes had become such a bastion of white supremacism and actual editorial contacts with such neo-Nazi leaders as Bill White that the offspring of cult leader – owner, Sun Myung Moon, were forced to clean house at the times.  One of the victims of this house-cleaning was Robert Stacy McCain, who now claims to be a main-stream conservative.  He is not.)

They have taken over the Tea Party Movement.

They have taken over the Libertarian Party.

Contrary to very public protests against such, they are connected with VDare, American Renaissance, white supremacists, the CofCC, Stormfront, various anti-immigration organizations, and are manipulated by ego and hate.

Any actual resemblance to their agenda, their desires, and their politics and reality is purely coincidental.

They are a very small, but very well exposed, vocal and prevaricating minority.
They are loud.
They are irrational.
There is no basis in any form of political reality.
They have hijacked the real Libertarian Party.
They are promoting an increasingly extreme agenda.
They have no intellectual honesty.
And  – they took “officially” took over the Libertarian Party in 2008.

Perhaps it all began when Howard Phillips founded the Constitution Party.  Once part of a troika that included the late Paul Weyrich, and Richard Viguerie, they spread their canards about Reagan to the point where they were no longer marginalized.  Reagan marginalized all three of them, basically excommunicating them from the “conservative movement” when they constantly attacked him, demanding either he resign or not run for re-election because he betrayed the conservative movement.

Howard Phillips has a political party.  It is obvious the con-artist ego of Richard Viguerie needs one too, so he, Bob Barr, Neal Bortz, and Robert Stacy McCain staged a coup last year and took over the Libertarian Party.  Don’t ever think any of these tawdry liars is about “conservative values”.  They are about personal power and status, so they hitched their fading stars on Ron Paul’s racist wagon.

Viguerie, Phillips, and the late Paul Weyrich weren’t able to get away with their agenda of stupidity and hate under Reagan.

Now they do.

Something has happened that has allowed them to promote their personal agenda of power and ego to the point where they truly do harm the GOP.  Not content to hijack the Libertarian Party, they sally forth, unafraid, to do as much malicious damage as possible, and assimilate as many pathetic followers as possible.

The Republican Party is being pulled farther and farther to the right for several reasons, primarily due to an assault from Libertarians who are basically out to destroy the party if they can’t have their own way.  When decent Republicans like Lindsey Graham expose them for what they are, they are treated like dirt, and then the little blogs and pathetic little pundits take up the lie, spreading it like wildfire.

The other reason is the far right, NON Republican, white supremacist leaning conservative movement.

Neither one of these are to be compared to The Party of Reagan.

While both groups may be pretending to be the “Party of Reagan”, their increasingly disruptive lies and paranoia along with the simmering violence some of these individuals are advocating, is starting to be analyzed and realized within more reasonable conservative Republican circles.

It is all about destroying viable and  highly electable Republican officials who do not scrape and bow to their increasingly irrational agenda.  Perhaps we are looking at the possibility that the extreme reaches of the far, irrational right have failed in their take-over of the GOP and are now turning their sights at the Libertarian Party.

The first problem we are facing is the fact that the average decent conservative and “libertarian” leaning Republican is far too trusting. There are times when good decent conservatives ar just plain downright stupid. They think anyone who uses the precious buzz words of “Reagan conservative” is good. Nothing can be farther from the truth.

Because of this abject stupidity, the far, “irrational” right has managed to make so much noise, they are pulling conservatives farther and farther to the right to the point where they can no longer win elections.

This creates a another almost insurmountable difficulty. The far “irrational” right makes so much noise, and is so visible, good, decent conservative Republicans think they are the “voice of the people”. Once again, nothing can be farther from the truth. In appeasing these people, conservative leaders like Rush Limbaugh have ventured farther and farther right. Unfortunately neo-con voices of reason like Michael Medved are becoming increasingly hard to find in this world of extremes.

There are several reasons for the looming conservative disaster:

1) Ron Paul and his supporters who are starting to sound increasingly violent and irrational
2) The irrational show-man libertarian demagoguery of Glenn Beck
3) The Libertarian Party which may (or may not) be controlled by Richard Viguerie, who is basically owned by Sun Myung Moon
4) The influence of Sun Myung Moon’s Washington Times and it’s former white supremacist editorial staff including Robert Stacy McCain
5) The white supremacist cabal of Vdare, American Renaissance, Pat Buchanan, and the anti-immigration far right movement
6) A group of irrational conspiracy wonks who have turned their personal anti-government paranoia into a movement


We all know Libertarians embrace as little government as possible, very low taxes, and as few government services as possible. As much as possible should be private sector.

1. Free love
2. No zoning
3. No strong military
4. No FDA
5. Woman’s right to chose
6. No government funding for schools
7. No mandatory schooling K-12
8. Heck of a lot of guns
9. No international intervention in a time of war
10. No minimum wage
11. Unbridled movement across international borders
12. Legalization of all illegal narcotics

This is great if your are a socially stunted adult who is terrible immature and want no real grown-up responsibilities, but what actual Libertarians advocate is basically anarchy. Anyone with any intellectual honesty should be forced to admit that there is NOTHING conservative about Libertarians.

Anyone thinks today’s version of “libertarians” have anything to do with Reagan is also intellectually dishonest. In 1988 Ron Paul gave a scathing critique of Reagan.

And so misguided conservatives, who truly are interested in their country are roped into an agenda of hatred, stupidity, and personal agendas, they don’t have the brains to actually educate themselves as to what real, old-fashioned Libertarians are.

That’s quite sad, really.  There is nothing conservative about a real Libertarian.  I have a heck of a lot of respect for them and do not have a “beef” with them.  My complaint is with the so-called Ron Paul, Glenn Beck brand of libertarianism that has NOTHING to do with Libertarians, and everything to do with personal aggrandizement.

What’s a real Libertarian to do?

The latest thing these conservative “independent” purveyors of “libertarian” stupidity are doing is to attempt to hijack Sarah Palin and make her their standard barer.  They just know she is powerful enough for them to destroy the GOP.  This is truly pathetic.  I think Dana Parino’s recent revelations reveal Palin to be a neo-con just like George W. Bush, Lindsey Graham, and your humble Pink Flamingo.

The hallmark of one of the irrational conservative libertarian independents is the fact that they detest all good Republicans.  Listen to Glenn Beck.  He spends as much time criticizing the GOP as he does the Dems.  People like Mike Huckabee, Michael Steele,  John McCain, Tim Pawlenty, Rudy Guliani, and George W. Bush are not good enough for them.

They cling to this myth of conservative purity, holding Ron Paul up as a paragon of virtue.  If you want to have a little fun compare his life-time ACU ratings with those of Lindsey, Rick Santorum, and Fred Thompson.  You might be shocked at who has the highest rating.

The real agenda – preventing a GOP majority at any cost.

You might want to ask them why.


19 thoughts on “How Fake Glenn Beck, Ron Paul “Libertarians” Are Trying to Destroy the GOP

  1. I agree with your sound warnings. And please do not stop raising these valid objections.

    Yet there are signs of intelligent life. The Values Voters chose Mike Huckabee as their favorite for prez. I have my problems with Huck, but he is certainly not a Libertarian Loon.

    Also, Tim Pawlenty (my new favorite Real Republican) apparently raised the roof, unexpectedly so. An excerpt from Mark Hemingway’s take:

    [SNIP] Tim Pawlenty was the featured speaker at the conference last evening and blew the roof off the place.

    Pawlenty’s speech received several standing ovations — you can read it here. Pawlenty fired right back at the DNC, which has been going after his criticisms of Democrats’ proposed health care reforms:


    If the DNC thinks they’re putting him in his place, they’re really just elevating his profile. Then near the end of the speech, Pawlenty told a Reagan anecdote that he capped by reciting 2 Chronicles 7:14. The entire crowd began reciting the verse along with him — it was definitely a moment. Pawlenty simply nailed his speech. Right message, right crowd, right tone, right on.


  2. Oops, my carrots somehow deleted part of the excerpt. Here is the entire Hemingway excerpt I meant to include:

    [SNIP] Tim Pawlenty was the featured speaker at the conference last evening and blew the roof off the place.

    Pawlenty’s speech received several standing ovations — you can read it here. Pawlenty fired right back at the DNC, which has been going after his criticisms of Democrats’ proposed health care reforms:

    *** The DNC put up a video or some sort of thing attacking me on this debate for various things I’ve said in recent weeks and months, and I accept the challenge. And I’ll just respond by calling out the president back tonight. And I would say – (applause) – and what I’d like to say to him is, DNC and he calls me out, I’ll call you out, call you back, and here’s my message: Stop spending the country into bankruptcy. Stop taxing us into oblivion. And the next time you address a group of young people maybe you should apologize for the crushing debt you’re putting on their shoulders.***

    If the DNC thinks they’re putting him in his place, they’re really just elevating his profile. Then near the end of the speech, Pawlenty told a Reagan anecdote that he capped by reciting 2 Chronicles 7:14. The entire crowd began reciting the verse along with him — it was definitely a moment. Pawlenty simply nailed his speech. Right message, right crowd, right tone, right on. That said, Pawlenty’s speech at the convention last year wasn’t the best. If Pawlenty is gearing up to run in 2012, time will tell if this speech represents him rising to the occaison or if he merely found a rare moment in the zone. Either way, after witnessing his command of the audience Friday night, people underestimate Pawlenty at their peril. On Saturday, I overheard attendees still buzzing about his speech the previous night.

  3. With Obama’s latest tack toward the immigration issue, said to feature flat-out amnesty, we’ll see whether the loons have matured and/or humbled themselves. At the moment I’m in a forgive & forget mode because I am so deeply terrified by vastly overriding issues of national security… and so desperately hoping everyone from the Ron Paulians to the Meghan McCains can stick together long enough to preserve the Republic for the next three years…

  4. Thanks for trying to help the Republican Party back form the wilderness.

    The WT did move a few of the racists out, however, it still pumps out propaganda promoting Moon’s plans and carries Wes Pruden’s far right commentary.

    In short, is has done what Moon does with all his front organizations, it has changed its face for the public but not its role in Moon’s plans for a right wing America, a playground for theocrats and his far right organization.

    Moon now has former pastors of his DC ‘church’ as heads of his two main media outlets. McDevitt at the WT and Marshall at UPI.

    Moon boasts about manipulating our nation through his propaganda outlets but conservatives still flock to it.

    “I influenced America through the Washington Times and so many different activities.” (Sun Myung Moon September 13, 2002 “The Last Days Are Coming to America.” )

    At other times he has stated he created the paper so his followers could use it to “influence America.”

    IMO, if you have not watched this googlevid panel discussion featuring three conservative former editors of Moon’s, you don’t have a basic understanding of what the paper is about nor how Moon has used it to manipulate our political system and bring him power and influence here and around the world. The paper is Moon’s tool, period.

    To act like it is new or different in any meaningful way than it was before a couple bigots – who had been their for many years – were kicked out, misses the reality of it.

  5. You are preaching to the choir here. The whole thing is so frustrating. All some idiots need is the epitaph “conservative” in front of something and they will believe anything.

    Once upon a time Moon was considered a dangerous cult leader – then he smartened up and paid off the conservatives.


  6. SJR,

    I am probably telling you things here you already know but there were conservatives who warned against the movement getting in bed with Moon back as far as the early 80s. After the 1978 congressional investigation of Moon, ( ) there were really no excuses for helping him but conservatives just looked the other way and that is one reason many liberals think the movement is about power and not about values or even the constitution.

    However, as much as I hate to say it, Reagan did as much as anyone to “accept” Moon’s plot by praising the TWT from the start. He said he read the TWT everyday and had Moon’s top aid, Bo Hi Pak, over to the WH and asked him to pass on his thanks to Moon. Don’t know if it is true but Pak, claims he and Josette Shiner Sheeran(long time Moon follower who Bush 43 put in the State Department and is now head of the World Food Program) met Reagan during the 1980 campaign and he claims RR told him he “needed Rev. Moon’s prayers and support.”

    Unlike Reagan, who knew better than to be seen praising Moon personally, the Bush family travels the world promoting Moon’s “messianic” mission. Bush 41 had Moon’s latest front as guests at his library in TX(after they were entertained at the TWT) and openly praised Moon. There is video of the past president of the UC telling a UC congregation in NJ the story of how they got 41 to drink Moon’s “holy wine” which “engrafts to the tree of life”(Moon’s lineage) in Moonieworld. They told him it was “like communion” and they wanted to make his a “Blessed Family for America” – which means a Moon supporting family. Through his spokespeople, Bush never denied participating in the key Moon ritual.

    But Reagan was the one who had the prestige to have said “No” early on but he didn’t. He showed a lack of discernment that made it appear a desire for power was most important and how the new conservatism got there did not matter. I say “new conservatism” because Goldwater had seen the writing on the wall with the theocrats rising by 1980. Goldwater later said every conservative should “kick Jerry Falwell in the a-s”. Remarking about Pat Robertson and that bunch, BG said the Republican Party had been “taken over by a bunch of kooks” and he was right, I am afraid.

    RR’s 11th commandment helped Moon to fester in the movement. No one could speak up without getting the treatment that anyone who tries to take the party back from them now gets.

    RR did commercials for the TWT which the Moon group shows at events all the time. The clip, sometimes even taking out his reference to the TWT which makes it appear he is praising the whole Moon movement, is shown regularly at Moon events around the world to con more people into supporting Moon or at least seeing him as OK.

    M. Thatcher openly praises Moon for the paper in one clip. (btw, Nile Gardiner, a Brit who helped Thatcher with her book, is a second generation follower of Moon’s and you will see him regularly pushing Moon’s agenda on Fox and even in publications like the National Review but the readers and viewers know so little about Moon and his agenda they they don’t see it.)

    I often hear people say they never find the TWT promoting Moon’s “mission” but that is, again, because they do not know what to look for…

    James Whelan the first editor of the TWT said point blank in that googlevid I linked to above that the Moon organization was “subverting our political system” and the conservation movement today is that effort coming to fruition, imo.

    Two things are certain, the conservative movement would not be as far right and extreme as it has become absent Moon’s billions/influence and the movement is reaping what it sowed when it sold its soul to the….fill in the blank…for power.

    Jim Leach warned the movement many years ago, but he was shouted down by Grover Norquist. Leach even accused the college Republicans of taking Moon’s cash.

    “A political movement basing its appeal on old fashioned patriotism and family values simply cannot justify an alliance with a cult that preys on the disintegration of the American family and advocates allegiance to an international social order operating with cell-like secrecy.”

    — Rep. Jim Leach (R-IA)

    btw, though Moon’s politics are totally right wing, theocratic, and I would say fascist in nature, he has never spent any significant money on a liberal cause, there are today democrats who help him, send his front groups letters of support. Go figure.

    I personlly figured out the party was seriously off the track when it mocked Kerry’s Purple Heart. They did it in a manner that, imo, cast aspersions on ever Purple Heart recipient ever. That lady with the purple heart bandaids on her face at the convention made me sick as did Dole mocking him saying “did he even bleed?” or something like that. Kerry may have shot himself, that did not matter, they demeaned all PH recipients going there. It reflected a blind classless drive for power. Like liberals shouldn’t have mocked Bush’s service.

  7. I think some of the “associations” between RR, GWB, GHWB and Moon were manipulated by Moon. There was an instance sev years ago where Moon had some coronation thing on the Hill. He put Lindsey’s name on the invitations as a sponsor, which was not true. There is a stretching of the point with Moon.

    I do think, though, he is responsible for the influx of Soros money into various liberal causes – to counter the Moon money.

    I think between Moon – Soros we are in deep you know what.


  8. By feeding with lost sheep Rev. Moon threw his lot in with the Rich and Powerful to advance his cause; but he betrayed his principles to do so. Rev. Moon bet on the wrong horse; where he thought the established right and the financially conservative and connected power brokers in Washington were the way to go he left the grace of Christ and his chance to stand as a real Messiah by helping the poor; not paying the rich: aiding the weak and the powerless: not trying to destroy our first Black President.

    : : : :

    The End of the Unification Church and the Rise of the Republikan Reich

    Where the Truth ends; the Golden Calf of the Aaron of KoreaNow that we see the rise of racists like Glenn Back and neo-Nazis like Rush Limbaugh as the one rightly entitled to the jackboots of Hermann Goering in the rise of a Right Wing Reich it now comes time to unmask their stategy to erect their “Korporate Kingdom” of Economic Darwinisn as the New Feudalism; to lead us into the New Dark Ages under the Elites of Lobbied Oppression.

    Now the Reich of the Right has started to use the fringe of the dispossessed mobat the dark circumference of the political spectrum as the incited rabble; being used as a cheap form of suddenly validateddissent and tools of visual intimidation in their hatred of President Obamain carefully televised projection’s onto the national stage.

    And this is just the beginning; the carefully orchestrated “backlash” artificially “produced” by shadow lobbies paying for buses; foood; transportation cost; all in the name of political activism and lawful protest: but the agenda is clear: as it was to the Jews when they heard the breaking glass.

    In yet more and more Orwellian “doublespeak” rolling out of the GOP we have those Neo-Nazis like Rush Limbaugh and the hate peddlers who write at every right wing e-zine once again rising in their Shadow of further Hitleristic-styled lies and the darker cynicism apparent in paid-for plainly planned tactics of organized civil and social disruption that brings to mind nothing less than the tactics once used so lovingly by Hitler and his axis bound friends who destroyed Germany by coming to power in an economic crisis.

    These pawns of the Right have now become the attack dogs of the Korporate lackeys who have sold out to the fear and uncertainty that test us all at the Last Day.

    This crisis brought about by Korporate Facist America corresponds easily to the Mussolinic version of the Right Wing; for those with short memories; facism was formented by those of the industrialized and military establishment and not the anarchic and powerless left as some have said.

    In looking at the Republikan Washington Times using the terminology of “Euthanasia” and “Death Lists” as blindly bringing to life that discarnate shadow of Nazi Germanyfrom the rise of Hitler we now have a newspaper ( which is supposed to stand as a Minister of the Free Press in America ) using what the Supreme Court might well define as Unconstitutional Tactics for the Public Weal.

    By their bringing to mummified life the forces hidden in ignorance and racist leanings of the mob we now see assembled by these political animalsas in those days of Nazi Germany in which protest was silenced and dissent crushed; as good people stood by observing their coming doom by not stopping the bulliesas the Free Voice of the People was strangled and beaten downin it’s own Town Halls by goons and shouters:who took over with well funded right-wing backers: like now.

    Did we learn nothing about the Lesson of those days?

    The Fall of the Reich: the End of the Washington Times

    “What profit a man to gain the whole world…..The Hour of Temptation…..

    This Last Day may well seemingly prove to be one of increasing regret for Rev. Moon and his minions.

    The fact that Corporate America is now trying to install it’s own “Reich” to replace the close Bush-Moon syndicate which operated unimpeded leading to his coronation in the Capital shows us how close we are nowto a “brown shirts” paramilitary force being raised to beat down the middle class with “Mediscare” for the old and sick and uninsured.

    In the Limbaugh atmosphere propogating volumes of Orwellian Doublespeak and overt Racism to confuse and divide the young and politically naive into warring camps this shows impatrial political observers that America has reached a nadir inthe present political debate: the rise of Corporate Facism and religious “ends justifies the means” Pied Piperism going back to the dark ascendence of Hitler.

    Don’t forget: Hitler’s enemies were all branded as “Socialists” and “Communists” whenever they dared speak out against his overt racism and hatred of those who dared oppose him and his Right Wing backers; all rich industrialists and those in bed with Cheney-style military interests: like now.

    Now the poor and uninsured have become the enemy of Corporate America ( this entity of “economic facism” so well delineated by C.S. Lewis in the “Screwtape Letters” )with the impoverished former middle class of our Nation being attacked for having had the temerity to vote for a Black Christian Champion and one who knowingly stands as our President on the 430 year foundation of the suffering or the “dues” the Black Christian Race paid in their 430 years in the West. Barack Obama is the fruit of our Nationa Mission to build the Foundation for the Kingdom of God on earth: but Our Vision is at odds with Rev. Moon: the “Jacob” of Korea.

    That the Black Christian Race suffered for 430 years in the West as Israel suffered once in Egypt for 430 yearsrecalls the Slavery the Black Moses Rev. King freed us from in his Internal Exodus from Racism and Economic Oppression here not long ago; so well seen in the work of Taylor Branch in his two monumental books “Parting the Waters” and “Pillar of Fire”; the third Book dealing with “Joshua” as now manifest in the Black Man in the White House.

    Rev. Moon: the betrayal of the Black Christian Race as the Second Israel

    Who can stop the Fall of Rev. Moon?Barack Obama stands as our Messiah on the National level, as Sun Myung Moon is well aware of: but yet he has not offered to help the man God chose to have him unify Korea with the Divine Support Rev. Moon could have brought to America to bring the Foundation to a new earth to build the Kingdom of God.

    This could have easily happened through the wise reading and ensuing freedom granted in the hidden power and promise of our Sacred Constitution itself if Rev. Moon had not set out to destroy the Democratic process and subvert the Second Israel by setting up Korea as the Third Israel to replace us: which I was forced to stop even as the least in the Kingdom of Heaven with the help of my Father’s servant John.

    But raised me up to stop a bulldozer with an ant for a reason; which is now only being examined by those who find my attempts to now be something deserving of closer attention: though not affection.

    As with this “David” Barack Obama represents we now have Rev. Moon as our fallen “Saul” now trying to kill the representative “Black Messiah” who was set up on the foundation of our own Black Moses “Servant King”; even as in my book I show “PrinceAaron” Presley was his unknown yet racially linked White Brother whose “Voice” brought together the “white north” and the “black south”; and all in a way the Racist white South and the Free Black North hardly guessed would one day happen in our own lifetimes.

    Let us not forget that Aaron Presley was also part Cherokee; thus the principle of non-violence the Red Race picked up when it set down the “hatchet” tribally joined it too the struggle of Dr. King and the pacifists who joined him in destroying “racist” and unAmerican “Egypt” as when Pharaoh tried to kill the first-born Jews by national decree.

    As My Generation which began the internal Exodus from our invisible but racially apparent Egypt it is they who marched with Servant King and crossed the racial line by responding to the black southern Voice of Prince Aaron Presley and who are much different than those Koreans who disdained the Black Man of God Rev. Martin King as our Moses with his Red Brother Aaron: and instead let he who could have stood for the yellow race as our “Joshua” Rev. Moon simply watch as they were beaten and finally killed; bot Aaron and King dying in Memphis; named after the Egyptian capital of old.

    The Koreans Rev. Moon brainwashed in the KCIA simply abandoned God’s own cause in the Internal Providence of America: instead Rev. Moon railed against racism in America that he encountered when he came here in 1945: butwho yet never walked a step with Rev. King or sent his followers to be “Freedom Riders” to bring racial justice to America as the Second Israel. No; something else happened.

    Rev. Moon decided our invisible “Tabernacle” as the Manchild of Israel that My Generation really is would be best replaced by Korea’s children of the Korean War that we American’s fought and died for. He forgot us; and exalted himself; but he also forgot that God favored our Nazarene’s: the Hippies themselves that Rev. Moon rejected along with “LOVE” as that Name of God the Children came in. Rev. Moon had another adenda in mind.

    The Rise of Corporate Facism andthe Shadow of Hitler.

    Where Hyung Jin Moon meets his MasterPeople forget how Jacob once “stole” the Blessing from Esau; but not Sun Myung Moon: he patterened his entire strategy in America to steal this very blessing from the Children of the Resurrection: and let us see how! and shall we observe Rev. Moon’s “Bush wack” of My Generation as he seeks to destroy our first Black President sent by God: the untold story of the “Jacob” of Korea and his envy of Rev. King and Barack Obama.

    He married all those of My Generation who were “not to marry: nor be given in marriage” so they could be eligible for the Resurrection from the dead and the inheriting of eternal life. This Rev. Moon decided to destroy by marrying as many of My generation as possible; too bad for them if they did not read their own Bible’s!

    The Last Day of Rev. Moon thus now emerges: going from the “Faithful and Wise Steward” written of in Matthew and Luke he was to have been and instead becoming the “Evil Servant” of the Gospel by failing to wait for the Return of the Lord as he was instructed by my Father’s servant John.

    It is now that the problem of the fall of Rev. Moon that is bringing to bear the powers that aree enshrined in the “Scarlet Beast” of chapter 17 of the Revelation of St. John the Divine: which I have revealed in my soon to be published book that is Red China?

    Indeed the Son of Perdition who is Osama bin Laden the Antichrist has the spirit of the Scarlet Beast who is the yellow race in it’s countless “Red Flags” of warning we in the West have long ignored. The spirit of the Antichrist which lives in the Marxist yellow race under the sway of Death has now had it’s own avatar Rev. Moon fall to this power himself by his covenant with Kim Il Sing and then his son Kim Jong Il; as the symbolic Son of the Devil as of his own source of hatred and violence against the Lamb.

    Who is the Lamb?

    It is he who embodies in the flesh with hisAllied armies the one who now fightsfor Justice for Islamic Womenand Freedom from Oppression by the Forces behind the Terrorism now being uprooted by the freedom loving Islamic masses being liberated from centuries of Clerical inquisition: inbloody inch-by inch fighting against the Antichrist Osama bin Laden by theformer slaves that were thepeople of Gog and Magog: Iraq and Iran respectively.

    Who is our real enemy?

    The Antichrist: Osama bin Laden; the one who Rev. Moon now unwittingly has sided with by opposing our Black Messiah: Barack Obama set up on the National Level in the 430 Foundation of Salvation My Generation fought and died to set up.

    He knows not what he does; I say this in all sorrow; and to his own shame.

    That Adolf Hitler rose in a depresion is an historical fact; yet can beatings of our citizens as targeted town hall liberals and reform health care supporters be far off?

    And why would Sun Myung Moon be setting his newspaper to mouth the racist hatred of the Nazis and their master who served the Beast as the new weapon against our Nation and our new President trying to take care of it’s sick and poor citizens?

    The Christianity of Sun Myung Moon: Punishing the Victims?

    Can the Messiah be Revealed to Save Rev. Moon?Who does this is not a Christian in the usual sense of clothing the naked or healing the sick; of feeding the poor or helping those incarcerated for one tragic reason or another; usuually for the crime of being poor and powerless on the Street of Babylon which is worse than Hell in the richest Nation on Earth.

    And now: the shadow of Hitler from Rev. Moon: this will probably lead to his complete spiritual death in a few short weeks: I know that My Generation’s own Righteous Father will step in to defeat the Right Wing in their steady rise in the power of the still-living Shadow of Hitler and their friends of the growing Korporate Facism in it’s Economic salvation and help from the Scarlet Beast of Red China as it carries the Harlot who is Capitalism’s Market on it’s back: a Capitalist Marxism with a new Economic Feudalism never before even dreamed of when a corrupt Marxist government and it’s State-owned businesses are united in Commerce against their own people: this is but the Shadow and Image of the Scarlet Beast; the Fallen Nature in it’s global form, back again from the Axis as now Red China unmasked as the Scarlet Beast climbs out of the Abyss seen in chapter 17 of the Revelation of St. John the Divine.

    The Scarlet Beast that John the Divine saw lives and moves in the Wilderness of Capitalism; the world of Materialism; both economic and scientific: the spirit of the Antichrist: Red China; with that fourth portion of the earth signified as the Yellow Race under the sway of Death with India as the Hell on Earth the throne of Death really is.

    People forget the 300 million untouchable’s in India who live a life that is more death than life; thus we have the Heloo on earth India supports as it carves out it;s Korporate share of the Global Market of the Harlot of Capitalism the Kingdom of God will replace with Love where now we have only money; the doomed system of things that will fall even as the Crystalized Caste Cociety India upholds as the Scepter of Mammon will be broken as the Vine of the Earth falls.

    India and China supporting spirititually Death and Hell shows we now have their final rise and coming fall with Rev. Moon as the fallen “first helper” the Hopi prophets pointed out was to help but might also betray the Messiah at his return; the one they called the “first helper” of the Pahana or “White Brother of Quetzacoatl”.

    Do the Hopi have the last say?

    The Antichrist and the Scarlet Beast of Red China as the Spirit of the AntichristThis indeed was Rev. Moon as being the emissary of the Yellow Race the Hopi call the “Elder Brother”. This elder race at the end was said had the possibility they might fall completely; giving up their status as guatdians of the Divine.

    But My Generation’s “second helper” the Hopi prophesied in case this did occuris my Father’s servant John: the Greatest in the Kingdom of Heaven.

    It is the emergence of My Generation as the Tabernacle seen as that Child in His Name of Love that has now come in Our Day as in the Name of Christ Jesus.

    Rev. Moon missed his chance to become the Messiah by Shepherding My Nation when the Light of Love was seen as in the Name of “Day Light” that is the Name of “Christ Jesus” by which “a little child” in the Name of Love as the name of God Almighty was to have led them and then the world to the New Heaven and New Earth: this is what Rev. Moon snuffed out in his strategy for global domination.

    And of the Global Messiah Rev. Moon abandoned? That is My Generation itself as rising to the status of the Cosmic Son of Man itself; as “Caught up to God; and to His Throne”.

    And who can Stand? It even seems that God Himself will have to stop the Right Wing from selling America down the drain to punish it for electing a REAL President: one with a Heart and a Mind: something Korporate Republikan Neo-Nazism fears greatly; and for good reason: they are siding with Rev. Moon as unwitting pawns in their own destruction in this Last Day.

    The fall of the Right Wing when Rev. Moon gave millions to Pat Robertson and other hate-mongers has now decided their own coming fate in that they would play the “dog in the manger” for all the uninsured in America as a way of sticking their finger in the eye of Barack Obama.

    Have they come up with anything to help the poor and uninsured in America? Then let me hear differently: let me see what the Republikcan “alternative” is: ah, here it is: nada!!! What a surprise!

    The Republican alternative is zero; so it is now a forgone conclusion that nothing can stop the Lobby for the Health Care System except a popular uprising of the Idealistic generation that fell once but will now rise to bring the Kingdom of God to it’s fruition starting here in God’s Country.

    The Rich have decided that nothing is once again to be done for the Poor in this Richest Nation on Earth that is America; but seemingly have planned plenty more and Never-ending Korporate welfare for them.

    Spite and Revenge against America for electing someone they seemingly hate with every fibre of their being: polite smiles notwithstanding. Under attack is the US: the US being “US” or our Nation itself; if that is not too gramatically awkward.

    Yet with Sun Myung Moon in the fray the dynamic shifts to one of the Upper Class and that Rulers who would sell the poor for a “pair of shoes”. Red Shoes for the Scarlet beast; it seems, for a dance of Death untile Red China “makes it’s move”; and it will; never fear.

    Final Scenario: Death and Hell; Red China and India

    The Voice of God: Gabriel as the Messenger of Michael the ArchangelI have only the Truth: and the Second Helper: my Father’s servant John is the Greatest in the Kingdom of Heaven. Yet it seems I stand as little more than a feeble Quixote; feeble; but as David; against a Goliath known as the GOP; and our Saul; one fallen Sun Myung Moon; the Mighty who have fallen.

    I fear the worst has yet to come to pass: but I know that the Word of God itself will prevail; even for our fallen “Faithful and Wise Steward” who now stands with the Yellow Race as that “Evil Servant” of the Scarlet Beast of Revelation: Red China; carrying the “Harlot” of “free market” Capitalism on it’s back: just as it was written by my Father’s servant John 2000 years ago: and has come to pass; the Capitalist form of Marxism in it’s last and most destructive form: carrying the Capitalist Market almost singlehandedly: yet only Hell is it’s goal and end..

    As the Third Israel it is Rev. Moon for his beloved Korea who tried to “steal” our “land” when he mixed the soil of Korea with the land of all 50 States here in the US, which no one knew about until too late.

    That America is the Second Israel can be seen by the fact that in Israel the king was also the head of the army; which is why we have “Camp David” in the first place: and “Uncle Sam” refers to the prophet “Samuel” whose name means “the Name of God”; as Samuel the Prophet of the Nazarenes was he who anointed David as the King and Light of Irsael. Should we not be in arms!???

    Or should we rise up and sue Rev. Moon to “marry” the Widow of Israel he “left” at the “Altar” of our Land itself when he turned his back on us and married a Korean woman instead?

    It was the Black Christian Woman Rev. Moon should have married in 1960 who symbolizes Sheba; the Mythic “queen of the South” who symbolizes the “SOUL” of America; and a lot of the “backbone” as well; truth be known.

    The Mark of the beast then is “hypocrisy”; to appear as what one isn’t; the beast which “is and is not” as it were; by the saying and insistence upon one thing and the doing of another; as Rochefoucauld once said: “Hypocrisy is the Homage that Vice pays to Virtue”.

    Let us pray for our Nation and for the Repentance of Rev. Moon by which I and my Father’s servant John could indeed save him.

  9. “associations” between RR, GWB, GHWB and Moon were manipulated by Moon”

    Not sure how you mean that but yes, all associations with Moon are manipulated by him. That is why it takes a lack of discernment to get in bed with him, but people still do. Of course, some are more involved than others. Some send a letter of support which Moon’s people then wave around at gatherings to con people. But others like the Bush Family actively support and lend their names knowingly to the groups that Moon is using to influence the world and bring his “messianic” mission into being on the world stage. The front that Bush entertained and praised at his library last year(Moon was sitting in the front row) is the same one his son Neil, toured with. It is called by the Moon organization “the central dispensation of God” to bring in the Kingdom of Moon – to gradually get the world to accept both Moon as legitimate and his vision. Neil Bush has made several appearances at events promoting this organization including stops in the Philippines, Paraguay, and DC. Bush Sr’s 1000 Points of Light is in bed with them on a large scale. There is no way Bush doesn’t know what he is doing, many tell them and any idiot can read about Moon and tell his agenda. Many former members, who have had their families disrupted by him have begged Bush 41 not to promote Moon, he ignores them.

    The crowning of Moon in 2004 was a classic example of him using all his ‘fronts” and operatives to make things happen. They got former Sen. John Warner to rent them a room. (Warner hid for a month after the event was exposed before he admitted it was him who did it, leaving others to take the heat.) As usual, the conservatives involved claimed to have done so as a thank you to the TWT, another way Moon uses the paper. Roscoe Bartlett who carried the robes said that. Danny Davis the democrat admitted he was enamored with Moon who has a long history of working to bring African Americans to his side through deception, mostly black ministers. Too long of a story to explain how the con worked here but did Graham actually say he did not OK the use of his name? Because most of those who did, did so because Moon has been accepted as a regular fixture in DC, something most people in the country are not aware of. Republicans fill the seats when the TWT has an anniversary and every time Moon gets up and talks about how he is saving America and anyone with half a brain knows in his mind he is doing this in his role as THE messiah. They all buy into the lie that the paper is “independent” of him and his plans. But I thought Graham did like most, just did not answer any questions. The only honest ones in the bunch were Davis and Dayton(Dayton was fully conned, deceived and used and he said so – the Moon organization later admitted he had no idea what it was all about.)

    I don’t get your bringing up Soros, he, his history, the amount he spends, and his stated agenda are light years apart from what Moon is doing. I guess if you are saying he is – in his mind – trying to counter what he sees as a horror conservatives are creating then maybe. But the amounts of money, the operatives, the directly controlled fronts, the NGOs and the media Moon owns and uses, make any comparison of Moon to Soros silly at best, imo.

  10. The Republican party is going to have a near impossible time getting anyone elected against Obama unless the ‘establishment republicans’ embrace these exact ‘libertarians’ that your tirade is targeted at. Get as frustrated as you want it’s pretty apparent the numbers of ‘crazy libertarians’ are growing.

    Health care aside, Obama has a huge contingent of followers. The ‘libertarians’ refuse to vote for establishment republicans. And the establishment republicans refuse to vote for libertarians. Stalemate. We both lose.

    This is why Libertarians feel they HAVE to take over the party. As the party refuses to embrace us.

  11. I don’t get your point. Glenn Beck has repeatedly asked the white house to call him and prove him wrong on his points and they chose to silence the network he works for. As a Libertarian I can say this for our party. We are not sheep and don’t buy into what everyone within our party says unlike Dems and Repubs. All though I find myself agreeing with about 80% of what Beck says I don’t think calling someone out for trying to wake people up and question their government is not a bad thing. IT SHOULD BE REQUIRED.

  12. That is not the problem with Beck. I disagree with his constant slamming of the GOP and his NOT constant telling people that he is a card-carrying Losertarian.


  13. Sorry – forgot to call them “Losertarians”.

    The only true “Losertarians” I have ever known have been hippies and pot-heads.

    Check out their drug legalization stand.


  14. The “Drug legislation you speak of is not what you think. If your neighbor is in his house leading his life in private and NOT effecting you…who are you to say what he can and cannot do. The second he infringes on your freedom then we have a problem. And your name calling of one particular party shows your maturity level so it’s like arguing with a wet mop.

    The ONLY party who sticks to the constitution is the Libertarian party. You are way to busy worrying about what others are doing instead of looking in the mirror and fixing that problem. Like they say the person pointing the finger is deflecting from the real problem.

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