Republicans Are From Earth, Democrats Are From Pluto


Republicans are well grounded.  We have our problems and a little conservative civil war is brewing, but right now we’re one great big ticked-off family.  The far right can be manipulated by people, masses of people, even imagined masses of people as was the case with immigration reform.  But – at least “we” listen.  The left (and not even the far left) are arrogant.  They know more than the unwashed masses.

Barack Obama’s problem is his arrogance.  He knows more than we do.  He knows more than the Constitution.  He basically knows more than God.  After all, he is the anointed messiah, chosen to lead his people from the oppression of the vile and despotly moronic George W. Bush. (BTW – have you seen the American Thinker piece about Bush’s Iran Sandwich.  Naturally GWB will never be given credit for it, but the man is amazing!)

Instead, the President of Planet Pluto Goofy wants world wide disarmament.  We are still paying for Jimmy Carter’s mistakes.  Why compound it with additional off-world idiocy?  And now, vicious, evil Republicans are trying to turn The One (incompetent) into another Jimmy Carter.  Looks to me like he’s doing okay on his own, thank you very much.

Is Obama’s Czar system unconstitutional?  Roger Simon thinks it is grounds for impeachment, but remember, Democrats live on Planet Pluto Goofy.  They don’t think like we little people.

If you did not catch the Howard Dean – John Podesta Dog & Pony Show on Chris Wallace’s Sunday show, I highly recommend it.  They single-handedly proved something we suspected all along.  The Democratic “leadership” in this country does not reside on the same planet as the rest of us.

The inhabitants of the Planet Pluto Goofy have their own idiot theories such as 9/11 Truthers, but then we have our Birthers, and we have people who like to see conspiracies around every corner.  I will admit, though, I’ve wondered about the whole Swine Flu stupidity.

Liberal Dems stand up for their people, no matter how pathetic they are.  Two examples:  Van Jones & John Edwards.

In American Thinker Denis Keohane writes of Van Jones:

“…no one with a record like that of Van Jones would have gotten past Secret Service scrutiny and being barred from the White House and proximity to the President unless someone very, very high up in the administration intervened in his behalf. It had to be either the President or someone extremely close and powerful to do that!…”

The right spends far too much time criticizing and feeding on itself.  Then, when the criticism is warrented, the far far right rebels. But heck, at least we are guilty of shallow introspection.  Then again, the not very far left is completely out of touch with mainstream America.

Democrats are tone deaf. They do not comprehend that Jones does not represent mainstream America any more than Glenn Beck does, but Glenn Beck is closer to the pulse of mainstream America that Jones will ever be.  Jones is basically an “enemy” of our way of life.  Beck is his own biggest enemy.

What if we’re not talking Planet Pluto Goofy, but Planet Soros?

“...Actually, Nancy, Jones was involved with plotting and planning for those, er, “green jobs” with the George Soros-funded Center for American Progress for quite some time and starting pitching “green jobs, not jail” long long long ago. Maybe you should watch some of the same video tapes the rest of us have. It could be a real eye opener. But heck, Jones is alreadly clearing out his desk and slinking away under the cover of darkness, the long Labor Day weekend, and the dead-at-the switch media….”

Then again, We The People aren’t nice because we will not allow The One (the messiah) to brainwash our kiddies. Sorry dude, it’s a Freedom Thing.  Problem is, died in the wool liberals don’t have a clue about freedom.

The occupants of Planet Pluto Goofy think it is quite alright to scam We The People, as long as the scammer is a Democrat and We The People are idiots. Take Charlie Rangle, please!

The inhabitants of Planet Pluto Goofy are, according to David Horowitz, quite comfortable with racists, anti-Semites, and other nasty people.  Problem is, they are incapable of introspection, capable only of hypocrisy.

“...How did things get to this pass? Let me just single out one problem, because it’s the one conservatives can actually affect. And that is to start calling things by their right names. The timidity and cowardice of Republicans towards Democratic Party ourtages of this nature is a principal culprit. When you call Communists “liberals” it legitimizes them. The time has come to stop it. To stop the charade , stick your head out the window and say “I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take it anymore.”…”

If you are a Democrat, you change laws at will, to help your side.  You hide behind epitaphs of racism when all else fails.  James Taranto writes:

“…This makes clear that Obama supporters taking refuge in the charge of racism don’t even necessarily believe it themselves. They are doing so out of a combination of desperation, cynicism and habit. Here is a prediction: It’s not going to work. The public will not support ObamaCare, and Congress will not enact it, because of white guilt. All the talk about the purported racial motivations of Obama’s critics is, to borrow the president’s favorite word, a distraction–and those who are trying to sell this atrocious plan cannot afford to be distracted.

That false charges of racism lack the power to influence public opinion is itself an excellent sign for race relations. If this tactic is proved ineffective in such a high-profile, high-stakes debate, people will become far less like to use it, which will be even better for race relations. The current squabbles over race are stupid, but that is their virtue. They illustrate the pointlessness of dwelling on race….”