How Obama Trashed Sarah Palin


I think the Jawa says it all:

“...After we uncovered the link between Winner and Associates, David Axelrod, and the smear campaign against Sarah Palin designed to look as though it was coming from the “grass roots” we begged — literally begged! — the MSM to look into whether the large campaign consulting firm was subcontracted by David Axelrod for work on the Obama campaign. As I noted at the time, I’m just a blogger and don’t really have the resources necessary to conduct a thorough investigation.

As Ace notes here, once Ethan Winner confessed that he was behind the video, the MSM concluded that there was nothing more to investigate. This despite the fact that I showed that at least two other Winner and Associate employees — a subdivision of the largest advertising agency in the world — participated in the astroturfing campaign during normal business hours.

Three employees, one of them the President of the subdivision and another a VP, claimed they were doing this on their own time — which we showed could not have been the case — and on their own dime. On their own dime? Maybe, but it still seems unlikely.

And now we have another Winner and Associates guy at the NEA conference call? He’s also listed as one of the founders of Generation Obama….”

Remember back at the dawn of time (before The One)?  Remember all those nasty commercials that attempted to destroy Sarah Palin?  Well, it looks like they came from Obama’s own little Buffy the Palin Slayer.

“…“I just first of all want to thank everyone for being on the call and just a deep deep appreciation for all the work you all put into the campaign for the 2+ years we all worked together.”
“We won.”
“I’m actually in the White House and working towards furthering this agenda, this very aggressive agenda.”
“We’re going to come at you with some specific asks here.”
“I hope you guys are ready.”…”

From James Taranto:

“…Formally, the call was led by Michael Skolnik, who is not a government employee. But Skolnik declares at the start of the call that he is acting on behalf of the administration:

I have been asked by folks in the White House and folks in the NEA about a month ago in a conversation that was had. We had the idea that I would help bring together the independent artists community around the country.
Several administration officials also participate in the call: Nell Abernathy of United We Serve, part of the Corp. for National and Community Service; Buffy Wicks of the White House Office of Public Engagement; and Yosi Sergant, then communications director for the NEA (he has been “reassigned” since the scandal broke).

The administration participants seem to realize that they are treading on shaky ethical and legal ground. When one artist asks Abernathy “what we can do to help on critical advocacy issues like health care reform, cap-and-trade policy,” she replies…”

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  1. Palin took potshots at Obama obsessively, from her very first speech. Obama FINALLY FINALLY FINALLY said something back when he said WE WILL CALL THEM OUT.

    Sarah Palin-Tonya Harding 2012

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