Proof Glenn Beck Is Harmful to the GOP


Glenn Beck is finally being exposed for the Ron Paul Bot fake Libertarian fool that he is.

Glenn Beck told Katie Couric that he would probably have voted for Hillary over McCain.  He also told her that McCain would have been worse for the country than Barack Obama.  He compared McCain to Teddy Roosevelt.

What is this man smoking?

You think The Pink Flamingo is nuts?

Would someone like to tell The Pink Flamingo that there was NOT a connection between Beck, Ron Paul, and the Tea Party Fake Libertarians?

Fortunately more and more conservatives are starting to realize Beck is a wreck.

Peter Wehner wrote in Commentary:

“….I say that because he seems to be more of a populist and libertarian than a conservative, more of a Perotista than a Reaganite. His interest in conspiracy theories is disquieting, as is his admiration for Ron Paul and his charges of American “imperialism.” (He is now talking about pulling troops out of Afghanistan, South Korea, Germany, and elsewhere.) Some of Beck’s statements—for example, that President Obama has a “deep-seated hatred for white people”–are quite unfair and not good for the country. His argument that there is very little difference between the two parties is silly, and his contempt for parties in general is anti-Burkean (Burke himself was a great champion of political parties). And then there is his sometimes bizarre behavior, from tearing up to screaming at his callers. Beck seems to be a roiling mix of fear, resentment, and anger—the antithesis of Ronald Reagan.

I understand that a political movement is a mansion with many rooms; the people who occupy them are involved in intellectual and policy work, in politics, and in polemics. Different people take on different roles. And certainly some of the things Beck has done on his program are fine and appropriate. But the role Glenn Beck is playing is harmful in its totality. My hunch is that he is a comet blazing across the media sky right now—and will soon flame out. Whether he does or not, he isn’t the face or disposition that should represent modern-day conservatism. At a time when we should aim for intellectual depth, for tough-minded and reasoned arguments, for good cheer and calm purpose, rather than erratic behavior, he is not the kind of figure conservatives should embrace or cheer on….”


2 thoughts on “Proof Glenn Beck Is Harmful to the GOP

  1. I DID vote for Obama for THE VERY SAME REASON that Beck cited (having no idea he’d ever say such a thing–a given, I suppose, considering the obvious timeline of events). It was a token protest on my part since SC went for McTraitor.

    Obama is waking folks up to the fascism. The opposition to fascsims would not have existed and the country club Republicans would have continued to carry us to hell in a handcart with their corporate whoremasters calling the shots.

    Believing in, participation in, or promoting fascism makes one a fascist. I’m not a fascist and would never knowingly vote for one–like McCain or Lindsey Gaham for just two examples.

  2. Glenn Beck does subscribe to a lot of the ideals that Ron Paul believes in yes. There’s no doubt about that. However,

    “Fortunately more and more conservatives are starting to realize Beck is a wreck.”

    That couldn’t be more incorrect. Glenn Becks ratings have been VERY high for awhile now. And I hear ‘more and more’ conservatives who are praising him. It seems most of the people who hate him are actually liberals. Are you sure your a conservative? I consider him a bit of a cynic and take him as such.

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