Purple People Pleaser?


Any far right conservative who thinks all a candidate or office holder needs to do is pander to their will is out of their mind.  Right now we’re basically a 33% nation – Dems, GOP, and Independents.  Regular Pink Flamingo readers know that I have no use for Independents.  A person should have the courage to take a stand and live with the consequences.

Michael Medved knows how to win elections.

In order to win national elections a person must attracted the Purple voters – Independents.  People like Lindsey realize this.  When they do express themselves, they are damned and castigated by the far right.

If we want to win elections, we must turn just a little bit purple.

Michael Medved has one of the best commentaries I’ve seen on the subject!

“...The point to remember about those citizens in the political middle who decide every national election is that they’re the least philosophically committed, issues-oriented voters in the electorate. Interviews and conversation make it obvious that many citizens describe themselves as “moderate” because they feel uncertain of their place on the political spectrum, less engaged with the roiling controversies of the day. Moderates famously respond to personalities or atmospherics (“hope and change” or “compassionate conservatism”) more than they react to nine-point plans or detailed position papers. They also dislike strident, the other-guy-is-Hitler rhetoric because such appeals seem like a rebuke to their own uncertainty.

Republicans can’t win without rallying the plurality of Americans who prefer conservatism to liberalism, but they also can’t triumph (anywhere) with that group alone. Like Democrats, the GOP needs moderate votes for victory, and the only way to get them without sacrificing principle or core conservative voters involves deploying the same combination that has worked before: maintaining clearly conservative positions, but with those values presented in a manner that’s optimistic, constructive, reasonable and, yes, moderate…”