OBAMA’S KATRINA: Obama Parties While Georgia Floods


Where is Barack Obama?

Why has he ignored Atlanta?

When is he going to declare a disaster?   Sonny Purdue asked Obama to declare a disaster area earlier today.  He’s playing Ruler of the Universe in NYC.

Why is Obama ignoring Atlanta’s disaster?

Atlanta Journal
Atlanta Journal

Over 100 roads were closed in one suburb of Atlanta.  The Scream Machine is submerged.

Remember back when evil GWB was POTUS and murdered innocent people by allowing Hurricane Katrina to hit New Orleans?  Well, that was then, this is now.  Barack Obama has assumed the mantle of Sun King.  The enlightened one, so magnificant in his halo of glory has made the world perfect.  The skies are bluer and the seas are cleaner. That’s all we need.

The flooding at Peachtree Battle is amazing.  I lived near there once upon a time!  NOTE:  The language is not good.  Even more interesting is the absolute lack of sympathy these people have for the wealthy home owners who have lost homes.

I’ve seen the golf course flooded, but nothing like this.

“…Historic Levels of Rainfall

Some areas of the state have had 20 inches since Friday. In the northern section, areas have experienced “historic” amounts of rain well in excess of so-called 100-year predictions, which describe a storm with the likelihood of happening once every century, said Stooksbury. The downpours come just months after much of the region emerged from an epic two-year drought.

Crews in the tiny Georgia town of Trion worked to shore up a levee breached by the Chattooga River and in danger of failing. The town evacuated more than 1,500 residents, and Red Cross workers set up an emergency shelter.

Most of the dead were motorists trying to navigate the treacherous roadways.

Emergency workers in the Atlanta suburb of Lawrenceville found a woman dead in her vehicle after it was swept off a road by flooding Monday, said Capt. Thomas Rutledge of the Gwinnett County Fire and Emergency Services. The woman was identified as Seydi Burciaga, 39, who was returning home from work.

“In my 22 years in the fire department here in Gwinnett we have not experienced flooding to this degree,” Rutledge said….”

The Pink Flamingo has been annoyed with this idiotic H1N1 uproar.  What would Obama do if there was a real crises and people need help.

Well, now we know.

He is partying in NYC with our enemies!

I think Rush said it best, and this is about Obama and Afghanistan:

“…President Obama wants more time to develop a new strategery in Afghanistan.  His general wants 40,000 more troops, otherwise the general says we and the allies run the risk of losing the war.  Would agreeing to 40,000 more troops jeopardize liberal support for Obamacare?  Stop and think about that.  The president of the United States is teetering; he’s flirting with the actual concept of defeat in Afghanistan.  Forty thousand troops the general says makes the difference.  Forty thousand troops in one hand or losing or jeopardizing support of liberals for Obamacare in Congress.  What does this tell you about the man?  These are the domestic political questions that haunt Barack Obama.  He’s playing politics when he ought to be fighting and winning a war and acting like a commander-in-chief who gives a damn about his troops in the field.

He’s playing golf, he’s yucking it up with Letterman, he’s got his stupid Health and Human Services secretary telling people how to sneeze on their sleeves. He’s sitting on a report from his commanding general in Afghanistan that says we either boost troop numbers there or face the distinct possibility of defeat and he wants more time to study a new strategy.  He’s doing nothing.  He has the reports.  He won’t make a decision.  He’s voting “present.”  It’s a dereliction of duty.  What are we going to do in Afghanistan?  I thought that was settled now.  Now it’s not?  Afghanistan was the central theme, that’s where we had to go, that’s where we are gonna beat these guys, Taliban, Al-Qaeda.  Bush made a mistake, shoulda gone in there, wasted all this treasure, all these resources, now we’re there and Obama is flirting with defeat, all to make certain his Obamacare is not jeopardized in the House.  This is what you get when the radical left runs every branch of the federal government.  He’s on the golf course.  He’s making jokes on Letterman, lame jokes at that.  And now he’s spouting additional lies, threats, end of the world, we’re all going to die, at a climate change conference, which is nothing more than a meeting of worldwide leftists who seek to implement a worldwide government that has control over every aspect of every person’s life on this planet.  That’s the endgame.


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  1. Great post! I had a similar one on my blog recently. I was livid that he couldn’t take time out of his talk show schedule to at least to say he hopes everyone is okay in GA.

    I just heard on the radio (Thurs 12:06pm) that Obama FINALLY called Gov. Sonny and said he would do all he could to help. Sonny Purdue asked for help on TUESDAY. This is ridiculous – I seem to recall Obama saying during the campaign how if Katrina happened on his watch, he would have acted quicker than Bush. Granted, this wasn’t as bad as Katrina, but he still had his chance to show us how much “better” he is.

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