Beck As In a Wreck – Is Demigod Nursing POTUS Ambitions?


Glenn Beck is not a conservative.  He claims to be a “libertarian”, and is increasingly fawning over Ron Paul.  Perhaps one of the best things to happen to the GOP is the beginning of a “blog war” between Little Green Footballs and Robert Stacy McCain.  I don’t know exactly what Johnson’s politics are, other than the fact that he is going after specific “hate” sources the way I try to go after anti-immigration sources.  I know how I’ve been treated and The Pink Flamingo is not important in the vast galaxy.  LGF is.

Glenn Beck is starting a war he may not be able to complete.  The “conservative” blogsphere is starting to fall apart, over Beck, Charles Johnson at LGF, and the apologists who constantly side with Robert Stacy McCain.  Earlier today at LGF, Johnson said exactly what I’ve been saying, only The Pink Flamingo is not very important and Johnson is.  I’m not worth attacking.

“…Don’t take my word for it that American Renaissance is an outright white supremacist hate site; here’s a Google cache link. Go ahead, investigate it for yourself and see the kinds of people with whom Robert Stacy McCain associates.

This is an ongoing disgrace, from which the right wing blogosphere may never recover.

I’ve made my position very clear — I won’t stand with racists and white supremacists, not now, not in the past, not ever. There’s a very bad craziness on the right, and I won’t have any part of it….”

I was skimming headlines.  On Conservatives4Palin I noticed approval numbers for Obama and for Glenn Beck.  When did we start taking approval numbers for a talk show host.  Then, it dawned on me.  Glenn Beck, demigod, is planning to run for POTUS in 2012.

Rick Moran must be thinking the same thing, and dismisses it.

“…And that brings us to Beck’s stagecraft, and as Riehl points out, his resemblance to the manipulative, darkly cynical personality of Larry Pines. The homespun, down to earth charm that was the public face of Pines masked a coldly calculating mind that sought to turn his radio celebrity into political power. I’m not saying that Beck wants to run for office. He’s too smart for that. But his stunts – and perhaps some of his more outrageous, exaggerated claims about Obama and the left – are extremely effective drama, worthy of anything any Communist propagandist ever dreamed of…”

Someone I know who had an almost unfailing tendency (she was wrong about GWB, thank God!)

Glenn Beck is not a conservative.  He claims to be a Libertarian.  As The Pink Flamingo told you the other day, Libertarians are NOT conservative.  They are more liberal than conservative.

The nasty little anti-Republican haters are starting to come out of the wood pile and behave like the nasty little purveyors of hate we’ve always known them to be.  Glenn Beck is swinging on a star.  The problem with that is when you become a shooting star, you turn into a meteor, crash and burn.

Glenn Beck is a man on a roll, riding too high.  He and Barack Obama are, in many ways, the Bobbsey Twins.  Neither one of them knows when to shut up and the meaning of the word “subtle”.  Both are almost pathological narcissists. In many ways theirs is a symbiotic relationship.  Can Barack Obama exist without Glenn Beck and can Glenn Beck exist without Barack Obama?

Mark Levin, no lover of John McCain thinks Beck is “pathetic”.

Naturally Robert Stacy McCain, who’s blog is getting more irrational and more unreadable on a daily basis agrees with Beck that John McCain is evil and must be destroyed.

“…By his disgraceful defeat and unprincipled politics, John McCain has disgraced not only himself, but has imputed an ineradicable stain to his innocent kindred. (The first time I was introduced to Ann Coulter, her greeting was, “A most unfortunate name.”) And let’s not even bring his idiot daughter into this, OK? If the blonde-joke punchline can’t stop at three margaritas, that’s certainly not my fault….”

I gather associating with Peter Brimelow, Vdare, Jarred Taylor, Francis Coombs, American Renaissance, and Pat Buchanan is a glowing resume.  There is an excellent expose of McCain at LGF.  It is amazing how the far libertarian Ron Paul Bot right acts when exposed.

This is about a fight for the heart and soul of the conservative movement.  It has been a fight that has been a long time in coming.  Kejda Gjermani expresses shock that Hot Air would allow “the other McCain” to find a home away from home at Hot Air.

If you are going to accept the truth about Beck, RS McCain, etc. then the next thing one must do is admit that Michell Malkin is right there in the middle with them.  She writes for Vdare, which has been declared a hate site. McCain writes for VDare, so does Pat Buchanan, Steve Sailer, Marcus Epstein, Jarred Taylor,  John Tanton, etc.  Peter Brimelow’s twin brother, John, was once the head of the American National Socialist Party.

Deal with it.

Beck is no different.

The whole lot of them are destroying the image of the GOP because they lack the intellectual honesty to admit that THEY ARE NOT REPUBLICANS.  If these people do not see reason, or normal conservatives who are decent people do not do what Charles Johnson and Kejda Gjermani have done, and state the truth, we are doomed.  We can think Glenn Beck for keeping Barack Obama in power and preventing the GOP for retaking the House in 2010.

The anti-GOP “Libertarians” are some of the most vocal “conservative” voices on the internet.  They denigrate John McCain, George W. Bush, and good men like Lindsey Graham.  They want you to think that all Republicans except for a chosen few are evil. According to Glenn Beck, Republican icon Theodore Roosevelt was a monster.

It makes you wonder what side Beck and his little libertarian buddies are actually on, doesn’t it?

So, when is Beck going to decide to run for POTUS?


4 thoughts on “Beck As In a Wreck – Is Demigod Nursing POTUS Ambitions?

  1. I think you would really like LGF on some very important issues. I have been researching some far right figures that have been discussed at LGF, and I have hit your blog more than a few times as of late. I like a lot of what I see at your site, and will let my friends at LGF know about you, and I hope you come and check us out too. Feel free to send me an email if you have any questions. ~Sharmuta of LGF

  2. I have to say I’m really surprised you haven’t read more of LGF. Charles Johnson has been way ahead of the curve concerning Ron Paul and the extreme right wing. Including european fascists and the counter jihad movement- some of whom are in your blogroll. You should really check it out. You may not agree with LGF on all positions, but it seems you do have some common foes:

    ~Regards, Sharmuta

  3. Really? Glenn Beck is the bad guy? He’s doing a whole lot better job at slowing down some of Obama’s Czar’s than the Republicans are. And what, other than damaging the GOP and giving us Obama, have Bush and McCain done for us? McCain constantly sticks our party in the back and sides with Dems every chance he gets. Bush, well Bush and his so-called compassionate conservatism was an abject failure. Sorry you don’t have a taste for the fight that’s needed to stop Obama before our country is ruined. And if you don’t think he is going to ruin our country then you don’t know anything at all.
    Tell that Communist Van Jones how bad Beck is.

  4. Generally, we are on opposite sides, but if this is true…

    “Peter Brimelow’s twin brother, John, was once the head of the American National Socialist Party.”

    …I have GOT to know where you found that info!!!!! I wanted to email you privately instead of posting a comment, but I couldn’t find an email address. Hit me up if you can!

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