Big Bash for Teague


The NMGOP forwarded an interesting little ditty to me.

Today, at 5:30-7:00

Steny Hoyer & Henry Waxman are hosting a little meet and greet for Harry Teague.

They’re charging five thousand bucks a pop for PAC Hosts, twenty-five hunderd for PAC sponsors.  If you just wish to attend it is a cool hard thousand.

The little meet and great will be at the home of Congressman Patrick Murphy of Pennsylvania. Murphy claims to be a “Blue Dog” Dem.

The whole thing is designed for Teague, who is considered one of the most vulnerable members of the House, to suck up PAC money.

Why does one of the wealthiest members of Congress (#10) need so much PAC money?  Is he scared of Steve Pearce (who was also one of the wealthiest members of Congress).

This is the kind of thing rarely hits the press here in NM>.  Organizing for America ( has held several fund raisers for TeagueHe is obviously liberal, but pretends to be “moderate”.   One suspects that multi-millionair Teague just doesn’t like rubbing elbows with The Little People.