Eduardo Verastegui and God


I don’t know about you, but when I know a drop dead gorgeous hunk is also a devout Christian, he looks even better.

You will recognize the face, that handsome face.  Did you know the man behind the face, Eduardo Verastegui is a dedicated Christian?edu_165x165_605078a

Yea, that just makes him look even better.

“…Verastegui’s reversion to the practice of his Catholic faith. “She used a Socratic method, just asking me questions: why had I wanted to become an actor in the first place? What did I think the true meaning of life? Was I really making the best use of my God-given talents.” Initially, Verastegui resisted. The crunch moment came when the coach asked if he believed his body “was a temple of the Holy Spirit.”

“I replied “yes” he recalls, and she said “then why are you living in a way that breaks the Commandments and offends God? For the first time I saw how my lifestyle had insulted the Lord,” says the actor, who next sought out a Mexican priest and poured out, in a three-hour confession, past sins.

Filled with a “a sense of gratitude” at “the immense mercy of God” in forgiving his sins, Verastegui told his confessor he would give up Hollywood for life as a missionary in the Amazon jungles of Brazil.

“But my confessor said “Hollywood is your jungle, we already have people working in Brazil. So what had been my dream became a sacrifice,” Verastegui explains.

For four years, he renounced all roles that conflicted with his Catholic and his Latino values, eventually co-founding with two associates Metanoia films. Bella, Metanoia’s first film, which stars Verastegui and is the story of an out-of-work waitress pondering an abortion won the People’s Choice prize at the 2007 Toronto film festival….”