Obama Piddles While Atlanta Floods – Media Ignores Story


Barack Obama graciously took time from his butterfly socializing with all the world’s top despots, terror leaders, and just plain bad guys to call Georgia Sonny Perdue.  As of this posting, he has YET to declare a disaster area in the flood areas.

Would someone please explain to Barack Obama that one of his jobs as POTUS is to take care of the country, not to be cute and snuggle up to the all around bad guys of the world like a pathetic little puppy.  Governor Sonny Perdue has begged for help.  So far, not much is forth-coming.  The White House is working on it.

Why is the media (FOX included) not covering the story that as of the publishing of this post, Obama had yet to declare a disaster area?  Drudge isn’t even covering the story.

“….While not yet declaring the counties hit hardest by flooding federal disaster areas, “the president assured Gov. Perdue that his request for federal aid would receive prompt attention,” White House spokeswoman Gannet Tseggai said Wednesday morning.

Obama also “expressed his condolences for the loss of life and his concern for the citizens of Georgia amidst the ongoing flooding,” she said.

Perdue on Tuesday asked the president for an emergency declaration to assist 17 counties hit hardest by the flooding. The president must sign an emergency declaration before federal aid is delivered.

Perdue is requesting about $16.4 million in aid for everything from emergency aid to individuals whose homes were damaged to debris removal and emergency supplies.

The Federal Emergency Management Agency was reviewing the request, and Georgia’s congressional delegation contacted the White House and emergency officials, urging them to hustle. State Insurance Commissioner John Oxendine estimates the storms caused $250 million in damage….”