UPDATED: Alert from Honduras



Is Manuel Zelaya being tortured as the MSM claims – by Israeli mercenaries?

“…Private homes in the area were broken into and robbed. Citizens were assaulted. Death threats were sprayed unto neighbors’ walls. Mountains of trash were strewn in the streets.

At least one woman’s house was completely ransacked, robbed, and her two employees were terrorized. The Zelayistas smoked marijuana as they destroyed and smashed everything in her house up to and including the ceilings, doors, and windows − the video of her home shown on the news was horrifying. Other neighbors were terrorized, assaulted, threatened with rape, and forced to prepare food by the rioters while they were being robbed. Numerous citizens called the police about home invasions….”

The situation in Honduras is finally attracting some attention.  Thomas Lifson has an American Thinker commentary on the situation.  Manuel Zeleya is now in the Brazilian embassy in Teguciagalpa, Honduras.

“…The idea that the entire world is united against an illegitimate regime holding onto power is fanned with headlines like “world pressure grows” followed by prose like “…international pressure mounted on the de facto government to let the leftist return to power. ”

The left-wing media continue to play a key role in selling to the public in the US (and elsewhere) the notion that a coup d’état threw a legitimate president out of office. The truth, of course, is that all elements of government in Honduras (including Zeleya’s own political party) supported the constitutional process by which he was ousted from office for scheduling an illegal referendum that would have changed the nature of the regime.

Zelelya’s actions are the equivalent of a POTUS impeached and convicted, and removed from office, attempting to restore himself to the White House with the support of Castro and Chavez….”


Pink Flamingo confidant and friend Sally Vee has very good friends in Honduras.  She received the following email this afternoon from her friend Fernando who lives in Honduras.

There is a rumor going on that they want the UN to send peace keeping troops to Honduras.

It is going to be a bloodbath.

The people of Honduras will rather die that have that guy back in power.

Honduras is not Haiti.

They will fight any foreign army…no matter what.

Please let anyone know about this.”


One thought on “UPDATED: Alert from Honduras

  1. Someone from Honduras called Sean Hannity using the same word “bloodbath” for that scenario.

    If you have a friend in Honduras, please tell them that some of we Americans don’t take well to Allies and Constitutions being betrayed by dictators even if they’re our own dictator.

    Zelaya doesn’t have a Constitutional leg to stand on and is NO threat. If the Honduran Constitution is brought to the UN light, adherence to the American Constitution will have to be scrutinized as well. Obama banned the interim President because he’s AFRAID of Honduran lawfulness and backbone showing up all the spineless mob in our country allowing usurpation after usurpation.

    God bless Honduras for showing how it’s done.


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