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“…I am not talking about some U.S.-led “democracy crusade.”  We cannot impose our values on other counties.  Nor should we seek to.  But the ideas of freedom, liberty and respect for human rights are not U.S. ideas, they are much more than that.  They are enshrined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and many other international covenants and treaties.  They apply to citizens in Shanghai as much as they do to citizens in Johannesburg or Jakarta.  And demands for liberty in China are Chinese, not American, demands.   Just last year, many brave Chinese signed Charter 08, a Chinese document modeled on the great Czech statesman Vlacav Havel’s Charter 77.  Charter 08 would not be unfamiliar to our Founding Fathers and was endorsed by Havel himself.    No, we need not convince the Chinese people that they have inalienable rights.  They are calling for those rights themselves.   But we do have to worry about a China where the government suppresses the liberties its people hold dear….

The other day Chris Wallace described Obama’s Administration as a bunch of cry babies.  Anyone criticizes The One (incompetent) and they start bawling.

One of my favorite episodes of one of the greatest television series ever – Bonanza, is entitled  Enter Mark Twain.  Long story short, there is a corrupt judge who is out to ruin the Cartwrights.  Naturally Sam Clemens helps save the Ponderosa, come up with his nom de plume, and defeat the corrupt politician.  In one of the snarky editorials Clemens writes, he christens the judge, “Professional Personal Pronoun” because of his constant use of “I”.

Ergo – I guess we are living with President Personal Pronoun.  It’s all about The Great I Am.  According to FOX, Obama has given something like 41 major speeches and has used the “I-Word” 1,198 times.  President Personal Pronoun!

That’s what they are, a reflection of Barack Obama, narcissist, liberal, and nothing but a spoiled immature brat who has no concept of what it is to be President.  Naturally, as a narcissist, Barack Obama is worshipped by those who are intent on ruining young minds.

When you can’t peg someone, we’re dealing with a classic narcissist.

A. J. Drummond’s wife thinks The One (incompetent) is working for al Qaeda.

Is he pretending to be a CEO?

He has no grasp of the Constitution

He is in over his head.

He can’t even write his own books.

He has no dignity.

He insults our allies.

We’ve all been going back and forth about what is wrong with Barack Obama.  After listening to his campaign style address to a joint session of Congress, it dawned on me that the man has no dignity.  He has no respect for the office he holds.  Then again he has no respect for the United States of America or We The People.

Then again, he could be destroying the DNC.  (Works for me).

Oh, that opening quote?  It comes from the Quitter from Wasilla, not  The One (incompetent).  I think we now know who is the most competent when it comes to foreign policy.  And – it ain’t Barack Obama.

“...Actions in Mr. Obama’s world are consequence-free. The only country the Obama team has tried to strong-arm is Honduras, which is desperately trying to stave off a socialist takeover by an anti-American autocrat whom the State Department has concluded is worthy of full U.S. support. This has delighted Cuban dictators Raul and Fidel Castro and Venezuelan strongman Hugo Chavez, who are very willing to let the United States carry their water. Venezuela, meanwhile, has signed a major arms deal with Russia, continues to build the anti-Gringo “Bolivarian” bloc, bullies U.S. ally Colombia and plans to launch its own nuclear program.

Then there is the catalogue of Mr. Obama’s embarrassing moments on the world stage, a list which includes: giving England’s Queen Elizabeth II an iPod with his speeches on it; giving British Prime Minister Gordon Brown a collection of DVDs that were not formatted to the European standard (by contrast, Mr. Brown gave Mr. Obama an ornamental desk-pen holder made from the oak timbers of Victorian anti-slaver HMS Gannet, among other historically significant gifts); calling “Austrian” a language; bowing to the Saudi king; releasing a photo of a conference call with Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in which the president was showing the soles of his shoes to the camera (an Arab insult); saying “let me be absolutely clear. Israel is a strong friend of Israel’s”; saying the United States was “one of the largest Muslim countries in the world”; suggesting Arabic translators be shifted from Iraq to Afghanistan where Arabic is not a native language; sending a letter to French President Jacques Chirac when Nicolas Sarkozy was the president of France; holding a town-hall meeting in France and not calling on a single French citizen; and referring to “Cinco de Cuatro” in front of the Mexican ambassador when he meant Cinco de Mayo. Also of note was Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton giving Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov a “reset” button with the Russian word for “overcharge.”…”


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  1. Barack Obama is a president of USA. The end of the War in Iraq would only be for the best. It’s very said and horrible to see american soldiers dying on TV. It’s also horrible to know that their families are horrified by the deaths. If we have someone who’s a democrat he will help us to change our economy in the best way we can and let it go up instead of down. Someone who’s smart, honest, liberal, and young enough.

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