Isn’t He Lovely



He’s so perfect, dingbat despots want him ALWAYS!Obama 2008

Please, while you read, listen to a little Stevie Wonder. It will set the right mood.

The One (telegenic) has been everywhere this week, standing out, saving the world, just about doing what ever he wants, hobnobbing with despots and dictators to his little heart’s content.

Obama G20 Summit Iran

From the WSJ

“…Meantime, the U.S. and its allies dream. Mr. Obama used his global forum this week not to rally the world to stop today’s nuclear rogues but to offer lovely visions of disarmament in some distant future. In the bitter decades of the Cold War, we learned the hard way that the only countries that abide by disarmament treaties are those that want to be disarmed. It’s becoming increasingly, and dangerously, obvious that Mr. Obama wasn’t paying attention….”


Oh that smile, that bright consistant narcissistic smile.


Then he has his trademark “I am not George Bush” tantrum.


Putting his foot down!


Mona Charen on Obama’s Self Worship

“…Not that the solutions President Obama proposes could, even if fully implemented in every detail, prevent those catastrophes. Arguably, his solutions would invite worse. He proposes, for example, not just to fight nuclear proliferation (on which he has so far achieved nothing), but also to rid the world of nuclear weapons. By promising this, he (a) ratifies the arguments of Ahmadinejad and Kim Jong Il that it is somehow unjust for some nations to have nuclear weapons and others not; and (b) commits the United States to suicidal unilateral disarmament. If the U.S. did give up its nuclear weapons and, by some miracle, the other nuclear powers did as well, world peace would not dawn. The race to acquire those weapons by lesser powers would intensify, as their relative value would increase immeasurably….”


No issue is too small for his involvement.


And – he is so darn mad at Iran he could just piddle.


And so….as we sign off, I thought I would dedicate the following to SuperPrez!

It sorta makes you wonder like Kyle-Ann Shiver:

“...In the realm of foreign policy, it appears that the only folks on the planet who can really trust our president are dictators, despot-wannabes and the ex-KGB honcho in Russia. It’s downright worrisome when one recalls how Obama parried a 2008 question by CBS News as to whether he ever had any doubts about his foreign-policy experience. Rather than give a credible answer, the utterly-inexperienced Obama replied with the unequivocal, gallingly audacious, godlike, “NEVER.”

Ousted Honduran dictator-wannabe, Zelaya, has received strident, meddling support from President Obama while the Iranian protesters risking life and limb for more freedom have gotten the cold shoulder. Poland and the Czech Republic got a big finger poke in the eye on missile defense, while Obama reaped the praises of the Russian Bear. Castro joined the cheers-to-Barack chorus Wednesday when Obama made his kumbayah-to-the-world speech at the UN. Iran is continuing her nuke plan and getting gasoline from Chavez, while Israel is having her face shoved in the mud. Obama’s foreign policy is the most transparent thing about his administration.

President Obama never doubts himself or, apparently, our enemies. He saves all his doubts for the American people and our former friends around the globe. What’s not to like? All the while, we dissenters are the ones who are in the President’s eyes, “rude.”
Oh, ye President of Thin-beyond-Thin Skin, a single, constrained shout-out of “You lie” and a few snarky posters don’t even come close to the traditional incivility of the peculiar American bent….”