Right Wing News’ Childish Slam Book


Right Wing News seems to periodically do their childish version of a “conservative” slam book.  Every year the intellectual powers that be select the “TOP” right of center bloggers. 52 of the “top” blogs responded.

The slam list is rude, nasty, and a perfect example of why the far right is outside of mainstream American life.   Naturally when RACIST Robert Stacy McCain (who is now posting at Hot Air) responds with approval, there is something wrong.

He’s also defending Michelle Malkin, who was hit by someone at the Huffy Post for calling her a “white” supremacist.  It’s like this, if it looks like a duck, quacks like a duck, waddles like a duck, and lays eggs like a duck, maybe it is …. ta da…. a duck.  Malkin does some good work, but until she denounces VDare and it’s WHITE SUPREMACIST agenda that is connected to the CofCC and Stormfront, along with American Renaissance, where The Other McCain has known to turn a phrase or two, give me a break.

In a conservative world where Michelle Malkin is the 4th most admired conservative, we have a problem.  Same thing holds true with Glenn Beck, who is NOT a conservative but a Libertarian.

In a world where our 2008 GOP Nominee is the 2nd most HATED conservative, there is something very very wrong with these people.

If you took place in this disgusting, juvenile, and pathetic exercise of futility, you ought to hold your head in shame.  This is something your conservative version of “god”, Ronald Reagan, would Never Ever Approve!


2 thoughts on “Right Wing News’ Childish Slam Book

  1. Yeah, and nominating a RINO like McCain and supporting clowns like Snowe, Specter, Voinovich, and Susan Collins have done wonders for us.

  2. Dear Ninny Moose;

    I gather the rights, demands, and requirements of an elected officials LOCAL constituents, and the actual voters who actually elect said Republican official don’t count. If people in a state or district believe one thing, like someone and keep voting for them, I gather the far right who demand 100% purity know more than those people who actually VOTE for that person?


    This is so new to me – and I thought a candidate ran to work for the people of his/her state and district.

    Thanks for the civics election. People who vote for someone don’t count. Only those who demand purity count.



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